10/20 Cubs leave door open for Ryno

One thing that may have been missed during Tuesday’s news conference re: Mike Quade was that Cubs GM Jim Hendry left the door open for Ryne Sandberg to return to the organization. Sandberg was one of the finalists to be the Cubs manager but was bypassed in favor of Quade, who passed all the tests during a six-week public audition with the team.

“Ryne Sandberg, as great a player as he was, he’s just as good a human being,” Hendry said. “What he did going to the Minor Leagues and the way he carried himself was very, very good. I think Tom Ricketts and his family are very aware of how important it is for ‘Ryno’ long term to be a member of the Cubs family. He’s disappointed [he didn’t get the Cubs job]. I’m sure like a lot of people, you feel like your heart is set on that. Over time, I hope he’s a Cub in some capacity forever.”

Asked if he would welcome Sandberg back to the Cubs’ Minor League system, Hendry said: “Absolutely, absolutely.”

— Carrie Muskat



Hey pman…you listening to this serenade? It ain’t just me man. I hope the door that’s left open is the same one that hits Hendry in his keester on the way out!! Ahhhhh…the same old song…still music to my ears eh pman???

Q has been in the system for more than 4 years. He certainly earned the op. I’d love to see Ryno on the seat next to him and contiuing his preperation to take over long term in a couple years. Give Q his due!

Nice of Jim to tell the press before Ryno. Beyond insulting. This is exactly what the Dodger did to lose Scioscia.


I think there is more at stake here then Q getting his due. Hendry blew it and the majority of the comments are indicative of the frustration with Hendry.

Hendry’s words ring hollow. Ryne’s been bypassed. The club has ignored both his historic career and his dedication to the franchise. This was the time to elevate him to the managerial position, with the hope that the team would succeed and he could be a long term manager, something this club has not had. This is the same short-sightedness that let Mark Grace go and neglected to keep Greg Maddox for his final two years. All based on Hedry’s “gut feeling.” It’s an insult to the most dedicated fans in baseball. Ryne will go elsewhere and the cubs will ultimately regret it. Perhaps then Mr. Hendry will be looking for a job.

Hendry’s words ring hollow. Ryne’s been bypassed. The club has ignored both his historic career and his dedication to the franchise. This was the time to elevate him to the managerial position, with the hope that the team would succeed and he could be a long term manager, something this club has not had. This is the same short-sightedness that let Mark Grace go and neglected to keep Greg Maddox for his final two years. All based on Hedry’s “gut feeling.” It’s an insult to the most dedicated fans in baseball. Ryne will go elsewhere and the cubs will ultimately regret it. Perhaps then Mr. Hendry will be looking for a job.

I’m wondering if this is the same gut feeling Hendry had when trading for Ramirez and Lee (both execellent acquisitions) or the gut feeling he hade when signing Soriano to 8 FRIGGIN’ YEARS, Fukodome to 4 years, Bradley to three years leading to Silva, trading DeRosa, signing Aaron Miles, oh yeah and what did his “gut” tell him about Casey McGhee?? Since the Ramirez and Lee moves Hendry’s gut has been nothing but in the way. Gosh, Tom my gut feeling is we should snub Ryne Sandberg and more than likely part ways with him EVEN THOUGH Quade is no Casey Stengel and Ryno DID do as I asked of him and actually had MUCH SUCCESS in the minors AND was named PCL manager of the year…still…let’s go with my gut shall we? And by the way my gut says Quade may not pan out so I sigined him for only two years, what’s he gonna do…turn us down? HA! HA! HA! HA! Now, pass the doughnuts please.

I am disgusted that the Cubs did not hire Ryno. Once they decided to go with Quade they should have had a plan to retain Sandberg as a bench coach if he would have accepted. More astounding to me is the fact that Jim Hendry let Joe Girardi slip away 4 years ago and that Ryno wanted the job back then too. Ryno was told he didn’t have the experience, but he was willing to do whatever was needed. He’s done great as a manager in the minors and this is the thanks he gets! I pray that Q wins a lot of games next year and takes us deep into the playoffs. And if Ryno decides to manage elsewhere I know that I will support him where ever he may go. Hendry and Ricketts got this one wrong in my opinion. I hope they prove me wrong!

It is a sad day in Wrigleyville. With all due respect to Mike Quade, who has proven that he can manage, it is sad to see the lack of loyalty and disdain demonstrated by Jim Hendry toward two former Cubs turned managers. Joe Girardi wasn’t even given the opportunity to interview for the managerial position and he, in many diehard Cub fans’ eyes, was the most experienced, successful, and most qualified man for the job. He was completely snubbed by Hendry. Ryne Sandberg, equally sought by Cub fans, was snubbed as well. He wasn’t even offered a job as bench coach, which could have put him in the position to replace Quade if things don’t work out. This business of the possibility existing that he may still be asked is misleading. The Cubs have only said that to patch up the PR disaster they now face. Diehard Cub fans are disgusted and have threatened to boycott the Cubs due to this tragic lack of loyalty and integrity shown by Tom Ricketts and Jim Hendry. Ricketts has stated that the Cubs need to listen to diehard Cub fans more. Who is listening? No one. If they were, then Joe Girardi would have been a candidate and Ryne Sandberg would have, at the very least, been promoted to Bench Coach for the Cubs. Neither happened. I do not know if I will ever watch another Cubs game for as long as I live. I have been a diehard Cubs fan since 1978. It is, indeed, a sad day for diehard Cubs fans everywhere.

diehardcubsfan4ever, I understand what you’re saying but don’t you think word got to the Rindrey from Girardi’s camp that he more than likley would either stay with the Yankess or command 4-5 mil per year for 3-5 years minimum? I think that is the case. All said and done the easy, cheap way out was taken. Low cost and low risk of Rindry being upstaged by a manger (either Girardi or Sandberg) that would more than likley tolerate Hendry’s poor signings (Soriano, Fukodome, Grabow…the list goes on…) a lot less then Quade will. Also, probably after the fact Sandberg was “offerred” the AAA manager’s job. A paltry bone thrown to a Hall Of Famer. It’s all pathetic, even quade mentioning that Sandberg being one of “his” coaches is a possability but he knows Sandberg has other irons in the fire. Right Mike, You would look REAL good with Sandberg in the dugout reminding all us fans who SHOULD be the manager.

I remain speechless…

If Quade is so good, why only 2 years? Are the Ricketts trying to build a team or are they just saying we are sacrificing the next 2 years with Kojak?

I could just about have supported Quade if he had insisted that Sandberg was onboard as benchcoach, but he has proven himself to be as gutless as Hendry and the Clampetts in his lack of action.

Sandberg made the hard yards asked, for God’s sake at least treat him with some respect.

My hope – that we are 25-47 at the All Star Break so that Kojak and Hendry have been removed from the Circus that Jim and Tommy Boy have created. Quade showed his true colours in September playing Hill instead of Castillo and Baker instead of Barney etc. Gutless and Self-serving.

hustle..Kojak, you’re showing your age! Maybe a little too personal an attack on Quade but I’m sure it’s coming from your frustration with Hendry and not your dislike of Quade. The other point you bring up regarding Quade playing the practically useless Hill, Baker, Fukodome instead of the more talented youth does stink of being self-serving and catering to Hendry’s roster. The time Quade spent managing should have also been time spent getting the youth some ML experience and finding out more about THEM instead of confirming the well know fact that Hill, Baker and Fukodome are below average wastes of payroll but that would have sent an adversarial message to Hendry and jeopardized Quade’s chances of remaining in his Highness’ favor. The ironic thing that even you (and me) have to admit is that Quade DID have a very good winning percentage despite playing the “duds” and that is what came back and bit Rindrey in the ****. Now we are stuck with Quade and Hendry for two years, lost Sandberg (and Girardi) all because Hendry painted himself into another corner that he couldn’t get of because of the ODD results of Quade’s winning percentage.

Possibly too personal, but yes I do dislike Quade.

I do dislike that he made September about the Mike Quade Show, not about developing the Cubs future.

I dislike the fact he was too gutless to chase Ramirez and Soriano for lacking hustle, but happy to chase a rookie.

I dislike the fact that despite alleging to be a man of the Cubs he did not ensure that Ryno was looked after as part of his discussions with the Buffoon Brothers – Jim and Tommy Boy. Ryno may not have accepted being Bench Coach if offered, but at least it would have been an olive branch to both the vanquished contender and the disenfranchised masses.

The only thing I like about this decision is that come the All Star Break next year either Jim Hendry will be saying “see, I am a genius after all”, or he will have been run out of town on the back of this decision and the 25-47 record.

Because when this goes wrong and he still has a job, I will not believe Hendry does not have incriminating pictures of Tommy Boy and the rest of the Clampett family.

I don’t get the reason here Carrie. Because our opponents were playoff contenders Quade wanted to make it easier for them to beat us by playing Hill (and the etc’s whoever you think they are…) and his extremely weak bat instead of Castillo just because Hill “knew” the pitchers and was better defensively than Castillo? Is Castillo’s defense THAT bad? Because although Hill is good defensivley he is not great. Why wouldn’t Quade (or the “can’t get rid of me” Rothschild call pitches for Castillo, this way Castillo gets the experience and the line up keeps a better bat in the order. I would think the teams that were rooting for the Cubs to beat “the contenders” would rather have a better hitting line up than the better defensive catcher. I still think what was best for the development of THE CUBS trumps the need to play veterans against contenders in order to make it appear the team “is trying” it’s best for the sake of competition. Besides, only Fukodome’s solid defense would back up your reason. But the “etc’s” I’m talking about in addition to Hill are Soriano, Nady & DeWitt none of them offer enough defense to justify their playing ahead of the rookies in Septmeber of such a God-awful season, regardless of the opponents. Quade fell lock step into Hendry’s program and other than increase his good standing with Hendry he did little good when it comes to establishing 2011’s roster.

Note to Hustle and other critics: Quade played players like Hill etc. rather than Castillo or other kids (Fuld, Scales) because the Cubs were playing teams in playoff contention (Cardinals, Giants, Padres). Hill may not hit like Johnny Bench but he knew the pitchers and was best bet defensively behind the plate.

I’d be remiss if I did not correct my group of “etc’s” to include Baker and also, I am NOT advocating the playing time of Fuld or Scales as we know exactly where their talent level peaks, plus they have some ML experience under their belt. In a nut shell with the injury to Colvin Snyder should have been played regularly in left or right and Barney should have played regularly at second. Catillo should have caught regularly over Hill. More to gain. Hoffpauir should have played regularly at first over Nady but I admit Nady over Hoffpauir is not as negligent on Quade’s part as the others.

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