11/3 Ryno done as Cubs Minor League skipper

Ryne Sandberg, bypassed for the Cubs managerial job, won’t be returning to the team’s Minor League system as a manager. GM Jim Hendry said Wednesday that Sandberg would not be back for a second season at Triple-A Iowa. The Hall of Fame second baseman spent four seasons as a Minor League manager in the Cubs system, beginning in 2007 at Class A Peoria.

This year, Sandberg was named Pacific Coast League Manager of the Year and was a finalist for the Cubs’ job, but Hendry picked Mike Quade, who led the team to a 24-13 record in the final six weeks.

“We spoke to ‘Ryno’ at the beginning of the weekend,” Hendry said. “‘Ryno’ will not be coming back to Iowa. I don’t think that was ever in his plans to be in the Minor Leagues after this year. What other opportunities he looks into, that will be up to him. He’ll always be welcome here. He knows that.”

Other teams have yet to contact the Cubs about interviewing Sandberg.

“If he chooses to come to Spring Training, that would be great,” Hendry said of Sandberg, who worked with players as an instructor before tackling managing jobs. “If he wants to pursue opportunities with somebody else, that will be up to him.

“The Iowa decision [to not come back] was totally his,” Hendry said. “I never got the sense that if he wasn’t the manager that he was going to go back there. We left it up to him entirely and gave him the opportunity, if he wanted to, to take as long as he needed. That’s a decision he made.”

— Carrie Muskat


Hmmmm…..sour grapes???

I’m having an EXTREMELY hard time understanding why Ricketts even bought the Cubs? The first thing he does after his purchase is announce that he is cutting the payroll. Then he sits back at lets Hendry make yet another mistake and not hire the legend, and one of the greatest cubs of all time, Ryne Sandberg. Then he and Quade slap Ryno in the face and hire someone else as the bench coach. I just don’t get it. I can’t believe the other owners were able to screw the Cubs and not let Cuban buy them.

Reading Jim Hendry’s comments thoroughly discusts me. He and the Ricketts can go pound sand and probably screw that up too. I’m so sick of the enabling of Jim Hendry and all the excuses and rhetoric that comes with him. Right Jim, it was RYNO’S decision, HE’S the bad guy here. What an opportunity you gave Ryno. How Hendry sleeps at night is beyond imagination. Only Hendry can screw things up so bad it could get us interested in the WhiteSox. Is it Tom appearing in Undercover Boss or is it Hendry appearing undercovers with the boss? Hack Wilson could rise from the grave and Hendry would “welcome” by having him clean the bathrooms. I’m more interested in where Ryno lands than who plays first for the Cubs and whether or not Colvin
plays regularly at first or “fights” for playing time in the outfield.

hendry you are a liar and the worst thing for the organization right now… I hope you read this you little twit… you and Ricketts are destroying one of the best organizations in the bigs…

and you wanna know why Ricketts bought the Cubs? Its probably one of the best investments anyone with that kind of cash can make… he is now cutting payroll which will drive up his prices… What he doesn’t realize is he is losing fans by not doing what he promised and that is do EVERYTHING necessary to win a World Series…

I am slowly becoming a Texas Rangers fan…

petrey10…are we agreeing????

I agree with both of you!!! This is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. It’s too bad that Sam Zell never cared about the Cubs to fire Hendry a LONG time ago. Now Ricketts is clearly an anti-Cub is more than happy to rip away any chance for the Cubs. It’s so sad that Ryno’s heart has to be completely broken by the Cubs only because of worthless Hendry and waste of an owner Ricketts!

yes joey we are… i think we have agreed before…

Ricketts are investors all they care about is their profit… not the cubs… they saw the cubs as a great investment plain and simple (which they are most likely)… now he’s out on undercover boss trying to squeeze every bit of revenue he can out of the cubs… what a joke… maybe he should un-cover how to run a ball club…

I don’t blame Sandberg for leaving the Cubs. Hendry is an idiot. I am an Iowa Cubs fan. Sandberg we will miss you.

Sure, NOW Rindrey decides to go the “non-celebraty” route just to prove to the masses that things “are gonna change” around here. The only thing there’s no new sheriff in town just the same old bumbling deputy Hendry. They shot themselves in the foot and HAD to pick Quade over Sandberg because in THEIR feebl minds Sandberg is a “celebrity”. He may very well be but he is not just ANOTHER celebrity and to group him with the other imported celebrities like Pinnella, Baker and Baylor is just stupid. THIS celebrity is not only life long Cub but also an employee (was…) that prepared himself for the promotion he deserved. Only the misguided combined juggernaut of Hendry and Ricketts (Rindrey) can turn what should have been an exciting season with NEW OWNERSHIP into the same old same old leaving us fans wondering once again if we’ll get a MIRACLE playoff run becuase it certainly won’t be one by design.

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