11/3 Where does Colvin play?

During a conference call with Chicago reporters on Wednesday, GM Jim Hendry was asked if Tyler Colvin would be in the outfield or at first base in 2011. Hendry said it’s too soon to say.

“We’ll have to see what our roster looks like by the time we get to camp,” he said.

If the Cubs have added a left-handed hitting first baseman via free agency, Colvin would be back fighting for time in the outfield. Colvin hasn’t played first regularly since high school, getting some work there part-time when he played at Clemson. Hendry and manager Mike Quade both agreed Colvin is ready to be an every day player for the Cubs.

“He made progress and if you’re thinking about [having him play first], Spring Training will be huge for him,” Quade said. “He’s an excellent outfielder, making progress with the bat, and he’ll play somewhere.”

Colvin is one of the first to report to Mesa, Ariz., for early workouts, taking part in what’s been dubbed “Camp Colvin.” Several other players also will participate this year, including Darwin Barney and Brett Jackson.

— Carrie Muskat


The two brainiacs agree that Colvin is ready to be an every day player…? For what team you morons? Did either of those two forget about Soriano, Byrd and Fukodome? How can these clowns make statements like that and then think Colvin would have to “fight” for playing time in the outfield? Why, he isn’t ALREADY better than Fukodome? Nice organization to be with, as long as a bumbling GM is paying big bucks to inferior players these kids will have to be the next Ty Cobb to have a chance. Why not just sign Adam Dunn, over pay him with a 3-5 year deal and have his execellent defense be the bookend with Soriano and leave Colvin on the bench to rust while Fukodome hits his .265, 12 homers and 60 RBI. What a juggernaut team Hendry will be assembling in 2011.

joey i am just as fed up with Hendry as you are but if you think we are a better team RIGHT NOW with what we got then we would with Dunn…. well you are just plain wrong… sorry… Dunn would add a TON to our team… Don’t give me all this crap about defense… he has to know the game/situations and know how to catch the ball at first base…. Not to mention he actually has a want to play here… that goes a long way… he can straight up SMASH the ball… if you want to get Colvin in everyday plain and simple we need to get rid of Fukudome… he is terrible and is one of Hendry’s biggest mistakes (bradley was biggest)…

petrey I’ll go as far a agreeing with you or anyone that Dunn would be a much better offensive threat than Soriano but as far as being a better team with him I have to agree with David Kaplan who wrote in his blog that signing Dunn would be a huge mistake. And I think he and I are looking at it from an over-all organizational point of view. Dunn would only be a quick “fix” ala Soriano but his poor defense, too many strike outs along with Castro’s rawness at SS would not improve the team and only hamper the bigger picture. But if the fool does sign Dunn I am sincerely glad you will be happy because you seem to be as a passionate fan as myself. I guess I have really grown tired of the offense oriented philosophy of Hendry. I admit it can’t be easy getting all positions covered with well rounded players like D. Lee (in his prime) or even Marlon Byrd, but Colvin seems to be one of those players and it would be nice to see him full time somewhere even at first, STILL getting rid of Fukodome and getting someone like Crawford who can field well and hit well. Wouldn’t you rather have Fukodome gone, Crawford in right and Colvin at first rather than Dunn on the team? Just askin’, no crap intended. Good luck rootin!!!

Here’s how I see the situation. Tyler Colvin should prepare himself to play first base to increase his versatility which will increase his value to the team. However, it would most likely be a mistake to move forward thinking that Colvin should play there every day until he has proven himself defensively. Signing a free agent to a short-term contract would be the best option as it would leave the door open for Adrian Gonzalez when he becomes available. Having said that, Colvin might be able to handle first base until then. In addition, the Cubs have a log jam in the outfield, but the problem remains that the current outfielders are overpaid and have under-achieved. Therefore, it seems evident that somebody needs to be traded to make room for more productive players, preferably players that possess speed, hitting, and defense. Tyler Colvin deserves to play, but the Cubs need to focus on assembling a team that can not only hit, but have more speed and can play much more solid defense, otherwise, it won’t matter who plays where.

So diehard, long story short you are saying no to Dunn?

Am I the only person to take something good from this? “Hendry and manager Mike Quade both agreed Colvin is ready to be an every day player for the Cubs.” I am happy to see they are on the same page here.


I would love to have Crawford over Dunn… that would be an amazing option… but will Quade use the small ball tactics that is needed with his speed? Maybe… Maybe not…. he did watch Pinella for the last 3 years….

making a “run” at players in the future is a horrible idea…. look at some of the teams that missed out on Lebron and how bad they are…. look at out much they over paid for some of the players they got to patch things up…

In the end I will be more mad if we don’t get rid of Fukudome than if we don’t get Dunn…

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