11/4 Ramirez exercises option

As expected, Aramis Ramirez exercised his option for 2011 and the Cubs don’t have to worry about finding a third baseman. The Cubs also announced Thursday that pitcher Angel Guzman was outrighted off the 40-man roster. He cleared waivers and became a free agent. However, Guzman and the Cubs have agreed to a Minor League contract for 2011 with an invitation to Major League Spring Training. The Cubs’ 40-man roster is now at 37.

Ramirez will be paid $14.6 million next year, boosting the total the Cubs are already committed to in player salaries for 2011 to $103 million.

Guzman is coming off surgery in March to repair a significant tear in a ligament in his right shoulder. He started playing catch three times a week in mid October.

— Carrie Muskat


How about the Cubs bring in a priest to EXCERISE Hendry?

The Cubs don’t have to worry about finding a third baseman? Does this mean you are satisfied with the play of Ramirez? I for one am not. I think we still need to find an upgrade at that position. Does anyone else agree? Now, don’t misunderstand me. I have no illusions that Hendry will look for an upgrade, but that does not mean it is not needed.

Ramirez unfortunatley now may fall into the same category as Soriano, Fukodome and possibly Zambrano and that is the “Stuck with them” category. All because Hendry overextended the contracts becase he couldn’t risk losing any of these players to other teams. BAD. Although Ramirez spent his prime years as a Cub he was signed for maybe one year too long but he (and Lee) are the two guys nobody should argue the risk was well worth the contract and Hendry should be given a pass on the two. But now that we are “stuck” with him and we NEED a first baseman wouldn’t it make sense to move him to first and bring up Vitters for third and finally see what he can do in the bigs? Why not in 2011 when it is a re-building year even though Rindrey won’t say it we fans know it…IT’S REBUILDING. Time to sh** or get off the pot with some of these young guys Hendry drafted so we know what 2012 will look like. 2011 probably won’t see a play-off appearance anyway so play Vitters at 3B, Ramirez at first, Colvin in right, use Fukdome as a bench warmer brought in for left field defense only or to spell regulars Byrd and Colvn. But to CLING to Soriano and Fukodome just hoping they miraculously got younger/better over the off season is just foolish on Rindrey’s part. Is Vitters the next Ron Santo or Gary Scott? No better time to find out than a season when your GM handcuffed the payroll budget.

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