11/11 Dye looking for job

Jermaine Dye rejected an offer last year from the Cubs of one-year, $3 million, and wound up sitting out the season. Now, Dye is trying to connect with a team for 2011. The outfielder told FoxSports.com that he’s been contacted by three teams, the Phillies, Rays and Rockies. Dye says that besides the Cubs, he also was contacted by the Brewers and Nationals last year. Dye says he won’t do a Minor League deal and wants to play for a contender.

— Carrie Muskat


Jermaine Dye would be an interesting addition to the cubs, but I would hope that he auditions during Spring Training before the Cubs consider signing him. He may be rusty.

What would be so interesting? Seeing if he can still run and catch a ball? Or see if he is still in shape after a year off? No doubt he would be better offensively than Fukodome but come on do we really need ANOTHER player more suited for a DH? Haven’t we suffered enough with Soriano, Bradley and Nady? Besides, Dye said he wanted to play for a contender, that eliminates the Hendry run Cubs.

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