11/15 The color purple

The Wrigley Field marquee will switch from red to the color purple on Monday to kick off the week-long festivities leading up to Saturday’s college football game. Northwestern plays host to Illinois at the Cubs’ home, which has been converted to a football field. The Wrigley marquee was actually a blue-green color when installed for the 1934 season and remained that color until it was painted red in the mid 1960s. Saturday’s game will be the first college football game at Wrigley since 1938 and the first football game since 1970. Kickoff is 2:30 p.m. CT.

— Carrie Muskat


Carrie, What is up?

You can’t cut and paste something about Ryno’s new job?

I have never been so disappointed in the cubs. Hey why don’t you all take all of the games off W G N, that way I won’t have to worry about the cubs any more, because I’ll not be paying for anything to do with them!!!

Maybe Carrie doesn’t want to beat a dead horse like Hendry is beating us fans TO death. In fact, with all the abuse and beating us fans receive from Hendry still being the GM I think the marquis sign should not be colored purple but black and blue as a reminder to the entire city what a deep bruise we fans have because of the Ricketts’ decision to keep Hendry as GM. GO PHILLIES! In a few years we may see Ryno’s new team with him as their big league manager (Charlie IS getting old…) taking on the Cubs who may STILL have Hendry as the GM and STILL have Soriano in left field. How sad it is watching most teams at least put on a visible effort of change while the Cubs are satisfied if not content with the status quo. The change in ownership certainly did not start the domino effect that we fans anticipated. What HAS changed? Oh, I forgot, we have Quade as the “non-celebrity” manager now. It really makes you wonder about what it is that Hendry “has” that makes him immune to accountablilty. A Ricketts voo doo doll? For the first time EVER I will not mind when the Phillies kick our a** at the same time showing Hendry how a winning ball club is put together. Can’t wait for the first time the brilliant Quade shows us what he is made of by pulling Soriano in the 6th inning with a lead. Anybody REALLY believe THAT will happen?

Sorry for the delay on Ryno news — I was traveling Monday for GM/owners meetings. Joey, I’ll tell Hendry hello for you.

Carrie, you are too kind. And too funny! THANKS! 🙂

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