11/17 Hoffpauir to Japan

The Cubs’ top priority this offseason is to acquire a first baseman but Jim Hendry will leave the general manager meetings in Orlando with nobody there on the depth chart because Micah Hoffpauir is going to play in Japan. An official announcement was expected Friday. Sources say Hoffpauir has agreed to a one-year deal with the Nippon Ham Fighters. In 162 games with the Cubs over three seasons, he batted .251.

— Carrie Muskat


Adrian Gonzales!! The Cubs need to get him..Atlanta just got Uggla who is a beast at 2nd base!! Not only will Gonzales be a beast for the Cubs just think of the Hispanic fan base he will draw!! He single handedly will turn all those impressionable young hispanic fans over to the Cubs!!

!Dios Mio! It sounds like an evil genious plan if I ever heard one. How could we have all missed it? It was right there in front of us for 101 years…not enough impressionable, young hispanic fans. It’s all crystal clear now. And I thought the Latin connection of DeJesus and Trillo would have been enough. BTW, good luck to Haoffpauir, sounds like he knows he wouldn’t get much of an opportunity even with a vacancy at first base. Not that he would have been the answer but a warm body at least. Oh well, Hendry can sign Dunn and blame it on the ungrateful Hoffpauir I guess.

As a Cubs fan, I love the talk about settling for an “above average defender.” We HAD an above-average defender–D Lee! But, when he and Ramirez did not hit they lost–period. If one hit and the other didn’t, they lost. SO–If you bring in another above average defender who does not hit….Therein lies the problem–it is Jim Hendry’s brain–or lack of brain power–Did he WATCH this team? As to the idea Dunn is below average or “cost Zimmerman his gold glove”, it is nonsense. Dunn did well at first base (I played the position). He was not great but he certainly saved AT LEAST to throwing errors by Ryan because of Ryan’s propensity the throw from the side or from down under. The ball sails and rises. If the Nats do not resign Dunn, they better get a guy with a giant wing span or the patrons behind the 1B dugout better bring gloves!

Well fergiej since YOU played first base I guess there is no use arguing against Dunn any further. You certainly told us fans demanding SOME defense at first a thing or two. I suppose it is too much to ask for a good hitter and a good glove man especially with Hendry in love with big, brutal boppers begging to be DH’s. And I essume yu playyed firstbs beter then yu typ?

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