11/19 Rothschild to Yankees – UPDATED

Larry Rothschild couldn’t pass up a chance to be close to his Tampa, Fla., home and work for the Yankees. He signed a three-year contract on Friday to be the team’s pitching coach, leaving the Cubs after nine years. He had exercised his option for 2011 with the Cubs, but had a clause that allowed him to leave if he so desired. The change is not a reflection on Cubs manager Mike Quade, Rothschild said.

“The opportunity presented itself here [with the Yankees],” Rothschild said Friday. “I
didn’t feel it was time to leave the Cubs. It’s hard because I’m very
close with Mike Quade and have a lot of respect for him as a baseball
person and think he’ll do a great job.

“It was time, family-wise, that the decision became relatively easy,” he
said. “The opportunity with the Yankees doesn’t come along every day.”

Cubs GM Jim Hendry was expected to name a replacement shortly after Thanksgiving. Among the internal candidates are Minor League pitching coordinator Mark Riggins and Triple-A manager Mike Mason. One person who is not in the mix is four-time Cy Young winner Greg Maddux, who is an assistant to Hendry. Maddux has told the Cubs he prefers the more flexible schedule he has in which he works at Spring Training and with the Minor Leaguers and does some scouting.

Rothschild lives less than two miles from the Yankees’ facility in Tampa, and said he’ll be able to get started with the pitchers right away. He knows Yankees manager Joe Girardi well. Girardi was a catcher on the Cubs in Rothschild’s first year with the team in 2002.

— Carrie Muskat


haha AWESOME!!! One down and a few more that need to go… next up HENDRY!!! THEN FUKUDOME!!!!! those two moves would be the best thing the Cubs could do…

A note to Greg Maddux: Please… please… reconsider your options and put on your #31 jersey again. There is no better, more qualified candidate for the next Cubs’ pitching coach then Mad Dog. You would give Cubs’ fans a renewed sense of hope. The team needs you!

Hope that the next Cubs Pitching Coach will be able to accomplish what Rothchild has as Pitching Coach in his tenure. As far as Maddux, and possibly Stone, go I think that they’ll end up as GMs somewhere if so inclined.

Hopefully either Stone or Maddux will end up as the CUBS’ GM…and even sweeter would be if they did BEFORE Hendry’s contract expires! What Rothschild “accomplished” with the Cubs other than the perfecting of the “towel drill” is arguable. I don’t believe the Cubs were known for an awesome pitching staff OR developing young pitching studs during his tenure. He has at least caused less harm than Hendry so good luck to him with the Yanks, maybe he can get Hendry a job with the Yanks as well or don’t they have bat boys in NY?

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