11/20 Pitching coach candidates

The Cubs are expected to promote someone from within the organization as their next pitching coach to replace Larry Rothschild, who announced on Friday he is joining the Yankees. Here are some of the top candidates:

* Mark Riggins: The 2010 season was Riggins’ third as the Cubs’ Minor League pitching coordinator. He handled the same duties with the Cardinals for 12 seasons and spent 29 seasons in the St. Louis organization.

* Lester Strode: This past season was Strode’s 22nd with the Cubs and fourth at the Major League level. He has been the Cubs’ bullpen coach for the last four seasons. Prior to that, he was the Cubs’ Minor League pitching coordinator from 1996-2006. He pitched in the Minors from 1980-88 with the Royals, Orioles, Cardinals and Cubs.

* Dennis Lewallyn: The 2010 season was “Lew’s” fourth as Double-A Tennessee’s pitching coach. He spent 11 seasons in the Diamondbacks’ system before joining the Cubs, and was Arizona’s Minor League pitching coordinator from 2002-06. As a player, he made his Major League debut in 1975 with the Dodgers and played eight seasons, including stints with the Rangers and Indians.

* Mike Mason: Mason pitched for the Cubs in 1987. The 2010 season was his third as Triple-A Iowa’s pitching coach, and his 18th year in coaching. He was the Royals’ Minor League pitching coordinator in 2007 after handing the roving pitching coordinator duties from 2004-06. He’s also worked in the Phillies’ Minor League system.

— Carrie Muskat


I wish Greg Maddux would be the Cubs’ pitching coach! No one else matters.

I’m surprised Hendry doesn’t sign Xavier Nady as the pitching coach you know…TO GIVE HIM YET ANOTHER FRIGGIN’ CHANCE TO DO NOTHING while he “recovers”. Evidently Hendry must have been in love with Nady so you never know what who he’s capable of hiring…Mark Prior, maybe another chance is headed YOUR way too. Or the cubs could save even more money and just hang a towel on the dugout fence with a sign that reads: “Need some help with your mechanics I see…throw me.”

Oh, great, first we have Sandberg will be a great manager because he was a Hall of Famer, now we have to hear everybody tout Greg Maddux as the greatest pitching coach ever, because he had a HOF type career. The fact that Maddux has just one season as a minor league instructor must not be important. When did Cub fans become such morons? A pitching coach needs to have some experience in the minors every bit as much as a manager. Plus its unfair to legitimately qualified candidates, like the ones mentioned above. Strode sounds like a good choice, like Quade, it seems hes been around forever still waiting for a chance at the major leagues.

^^^ dude you obviously don’t know much about Maddux… he has been touted for being one of the best baseball brains in all of baseball… He would be an excellent pitching coach but I would rather see him in upper management…. WE NEED HIM IN UPPER MANAGEMENT!!!

Agreeing with petrey10 Maddux like Sandberg should not be dismissed as legitamate, worthy and very capable candidates for coaching/management positions just because they are either “celebrities” or Hall of Famers. It seems the monster Rindrey is cutting off his nose to spite his face at least in Sandberg’s case. Also agree that I would much rather have Maddux in upper management getting ready to take over the GM’s role…sounds good, right?? I’ts all moot as it is now obvious the Ricketts are going to improve everything about their investment… but putting off improving the team itself for later.

I agree with petrey10 too! Maddux as a pitching coach or Maddux as GM? I chose Maddux as GM hands down. We need him with the Cubs, in the GM role preferrably, for the long haul.


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