11/30 More from Boca Chica, D.R.

Alfonso Soriano says he’s happy Mike Quade will continue to manage the Cubs. Quade was the outfield coach before he was promoted in August.

“It’s very exciting,” Soriano said Monday at the Cubs’ academy in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic. “What he showed the last two months of the season was great. I’ve known him as the outfielders coach, and what he showed me the last two months [as manager] showed me he’s a smart guy. I think he’ll do a very good job and I’m very excited and happy for him.”

Soriano has been working out with a personal trainer and will be a regular at the academy in January when he starts adding baseball-related activities to his workouts at the academy. He and Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez got together to order new exercise equipment for the small workout room at the facility.

“I have to keep working,” Soriano said of his offseason training. “I’ve been working on my knee and my hamstring now but in January, I’ll work with the trainer and do more work with my legs.”

He’s just as curious as other Cubs fans to see who will be playing first base for the team in 2011. Could Soriano move there from left field?

“I never played first base, so I don’t think so,” Soriano said, laughing.

— Carrie Muskat

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Too sad, funny and ironic. Soriano is happy to have Quade as his manager for 2011 & 2012, the same Quade who as the Cubs’ outfiled coach, no matter how smart the man is could not make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. Soriano STILL being a defensive liability if not a butcher in left field. So the question begged to ask is…will Soriano be happy with Quade if in fact Quade IS the smart manager Soriano claims him to be and pulls Soriano for better defense? I’ve brought this up a long time ago regarding hiding Soriano’s poor defense at first base, is it ridiculous to think the team would be better with him at first rather than left field? It would depend on if Soriano can catch line throws better than fly balls, at least there would be less “routes” needed to get to the ball. Do the Cubs have anything to lose in 2011 by TRYING Soriano at 1b? Not much at all really considering the patchwork roster Hendry has lined up. It’s more an Abbott and Costello routine than a well planned roster. But that’s what you get with Hendry, comedy.

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