12/4 A-Gone to Cubs, Red Sox?

The Cubs and Red Sox are reportedly in talks with the Padres about first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. This is the last year of Gonzalez’s contract with San Diego. FoxSports.com reports that the Padres are looking for young prospects in exchange, and want Cubs pitcher Andrew Cashner in the deal. The Red Sox have been pursuing Gonzalez, 28, for some time. The Cubs also are talking to agents for free agent first basemen Carlos Pena and Lance Berkman. Team officials will gather in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., for the Winter Meetings starting Saturday. Expect talks to heat up.

— Carrie Muskat


the only guy worth getting and spending big bucks on is now gone! And because we didn’t want to give up an unproven arm? Are you kidding me? I am being to hate the cubs…. stupid move after stupid move… at least boston and yankees make moves to better the team… Ricketts you go ahead and collect or investment returns while us cubs fans leave the stadium… i am done watching this freak show

One of the things that binds us Cubs fans together is the belief that the impossible dream will happen.

For me this Autumn as Hendry played his fiddle whilst every other GM filled their boots on available FA pitching, I just had this nagging hope that Hendry and the Clampetts were plotting that blockbuster deal that would make us all start to believe again. I believed they were astute and able enough to land the best 1st baseman available (outside of St Louis).

Checking MLBTR this morning was like when I found out Father Christmas didn’t exist. It truly was my Cubs JFK moment. I will forever remember where I was sat when I lost that “indomitable hope”, that realisation that Hendry and Tommy Boy Clampett are not on the same wavelength as those of us who want to live the impossible dream.

The best first baseman on the market, this or next year, said he wanted to play for us… allegedly the farm has more stock than at anytime in living memory, Gonzalez didn’t want mindblowing figures, but still the waste of space that is Hendry has messed it up.

Jim, Tommy Boy, you deserve each other. And until HEndry goes, not a cent of my hard-earned money. The way Hendry handled the Sandberg issue should have got him fired, this now just defies belief!


Please take this article down…it is too depressing to think that there is no chance to get AGon this year or next year. With Berkman signing with the rival Cardinals and Dunn signing with the crosstown Sox, who are the Cubs going to get: Carlos Pena? Who is the first baseman of the future?

The Cubs are no longer a viable contender and I am no longer interested in this offseason, which as a Cubs fan, is usually my favorite time of year. It is hard to believe that it is over the first week of December.

I think a seasons ticket refund is in order..and a 90% discount on seats.
The moron should have stood a minute in a fans shoes on Undercover Boss.
We get a minor league manager and a minor league team so we can be laughed out of the division yet again…Ronny died without ever seeing it…now I’m only 50 but I’m thinking that I’ll have the same fate…
Ricketts…Cubs fans will be fans no matter how you abuse them.
How sad…You look and they aren’t even in the show with Crawford either but oh yah they are still in it with the guy who hit .100, tying up even more salary for another loser, I wonder if he’s “lovable” at least….So another year of Sorryano, Whahhhhmbrano..5000 errors while the kid figures it out at short…cast-aways from Gilligans Island at 2nd…I hear even Nady is jumping this wreck…so we get some Really Really good minor leaguer (Colvin..I wonder how long before they find it’s just another way to spell Hoffpowerless)..a Byrd who, if he gains another pound will make an excellent 3rd base..a third baseman who can’t do it all and at his age why try…All he can hope for is a late season trade to a contender…Maybe he can join Theriot on the BETTER side of the rivalry.
This year was complete misery, with the death of Santo to punctuate it..next? Seats should come standard with brown bags and barf bags….yeesh it stinks in the winter just think how foul it will be next summer.

Why are the cubs just sitting back and not making any moves dunn went to the white sox gonzalez went to the red sox and now berkman to the cardinals if we want to contend then we have to do something

It’s almost like Hendry is trying to take the Cubs out of contention. The hot stove is not burning like it has in the past. What will the team do? Take the field with 8? Play “pitcher’s hand”?
I would not want them to move Colvin to first because he’s done his work to be in the outfield. I’d rather the Cubs release one of the heavy contracts, eat the losses, and just deal with it. Heck, even trade someone, give all the cash for their lousy contract, and a bag of peanuts for their top couple first basemen in the minors just so it’s not all for naught. All that’s happening is the team is prolonging the process of rebuilding.
Maybe the owners can figure out how to put a finished product on the field before they get all giddy about rolling out a new way to nickel and dime fans for ticket revenues.

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