12/7 1B options

The problem with Carlos Pena, besides his .196 average last season, could be money. Pena’s agent, Scott Boras, is reportedly seeking a deal that will pay the free agent first baseman $8 million. He did hit 28 homers and 18 doubles for the Rays and battled a foot injury part of the season. There are other options but the Cubs aren’t the only team looking for a first baseman. The Nationals are, too, especially after Adam Dunn’s departure.

The Cubs also are looking at free agent Adam LaRoche, who told MLB.com he is interested in playing for the Nationals. He’s coming off his best season in which he hit .261 with 25 home runs and 100 RBIs for the Diamondbacks. The free agent first baseman was impressed by the Nationals’ signing of Jayson Werth to a long-term contract. “I think it shows how serious the Nationals are about getting the organization back on track and becoming a contender in the National League East,” LaRoche told MLB.com. The left-handed hitter has a .271 career average. LaRoche was paid $4.5 million last season and the D-backs opted to not pick up his $7.5 million option for 2011, so he also received a $1.5 million buyout.

— Carrie Muskat


So now even the Natioanals are impressing free agents.
I wonder how many players would be impressed by Hendry’s “effort” of getting the Cubs back on track and contending in the National League Central? Can anyone imagine players interested in playing for the Cubs because of the recent signings of Baker and Hill? Or the dedication and long term commitment displayed by Hendry by signing Soriano for 8 years? The Soriano contract makes the Werth contract look like a steal, ONLY 7 years for a more all around OUTFIELDER that can actually PLAY THE OUTFIELD WELL. Come to think of it, who can name a GM that has done a worse job than Hendry with the funds he had at his disposal? He certainly did dispose them…right down the drain. And what little he has left he STILL chooses to spend on the likes of Hill and Baker??? Oh Ronnie….for one more “C’mon!” or “Geez”….

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