12/7 Can Colvin play 1B?

Can Tyler Colvin handle first base? Mike Quade thinks so.

“I know [the front office] is trying to be creative and keeping an open mind on all of these things,” Quade said of the Cubs’ pursuit of a first baseman this offseason. “Who knows? Fooling around with [Colvin] out there last year may come in handy. He’s a good athlete and he’s got good hands. We said it last year, even though we didn’t play him in a game [at first], the fact he spent time around there and looked comfortable doing it, yeah, he would lack experience and he’d have a lot to learn still but you’d feel like the fundamentals of catching and doing some things, he’d be fine.”

— Carrie Muskat


Considering all the limited options Hendry brought upon himself, Colvin at 1B leaving Fukodome in RF seems to be the most vialbe situation. If Colvin performs well we take care of 1B for the next decade (or longer) and we just have to deal with Fukodome one more season. Then in 2012 hoepefully Hendry gets fired and THEN we start the contention process. OR we they can take the same approach with Vitters at 3B, Ramirez at 1B, leave Colvin in left and put Fukodome on the bench. We can find out sooner rather than later about Vitters and let him get experience for 2012, Ramirez may stay healthier at 1B and Fukodome strengthens the bench. One way or the other 2011 IS the season to conceed the World Series by way of design (once AGAIN relying on miraculous luck only) and develop a longer plan with some home-grown youth instead of making more mistakes by signing less than desirable players to fill in at 1B.

I meant leave Colvin in Right field.

Putting Colvin at 1st would be a huge mistake imo. One im not as sold on Clovin as others. I think he is a good player and like him a lot but not completely sold he is an everyday player yet. Avg needs come come and K’s have to go down. Two I would rather get a good defensive player at 1st. With all the errors Castro and the rest of the IF had is putting a 2nd player whos never played first in the majors the best idea. With both of those factors to me it makes more sense to sign a player like Pena to at least improve the defense. There is no perfect fit but I would rather have a defensive player over offensive player.

mlbfanwi, you bring up some solid points but spending money on Pena would be too risky with future payroll cash. If it were somebody with more upside than Pena I would say go for it but Pena isn’t worth it. Defense? Hendry might as well sign Lee again for one year, that’s not the worst thing that can happen. If Colvin doesn’t play 1b Quade is going to have a problem with right field, play the better allround player in Colvin or kiss Hendry’s ring and play Fukodome? Not a good situation for 2011 from any angle. And then…there is the starting pitchers….oooh boy.

I know its risky but like you said everything is risky. If they bank on Colvin and he stinks it would get really ugly. Last year Aram had issues, Castro had a ton of errors, and who ever ends up playing 2nd is avg at best. Throwing Colvin in that mix could be rough. I know how bad it was with a good defensive 1b who couldnt hit last year but sadly i think thats the best option.

Can the Cubs afford Paul Konerko at 1st base?? He seems to have a habit of jackin’ ’em out of Wrigley when the Sox play there?

The problem is the Cubs only have two guys in the system who are even close to playing first for the Cubs if you count Colvin. If he can play first and prove he can play everday great then do it…i just dont see that happening. If Colvin cant play 1st then they either get lucky with LaHair(unlikely), trade for a 1b or they have to spend money on 1st until Colvin or LaHair. As for future Payroll Ramirez, Silva, and *** all become FA next year. I doubt Baker is breaking the bank, which only leaves Sori and Z to haunt us for years to come.

I would rather look more seriously at the future, something Hendry has lacked during his tenure and take the risk with Colvin at first base he does seem athletic enough to handle it, tall enough for a good reach and with on the job practice should do allright. I don’t want to be stuck not so much with Pena but with his big paycheck. This team can’t afford financially or physically to be comprised of Ramirez, Fukodome, Soriano, Baker, Silva and Zambrano…adding Pena to that group would just shut out the advancement of any youth in 2011.

My guess is Paul is out of their price range. I would think he would get more than Dunn.

Remember when Colvin initially went to college he played first and then moved to the outfield. So, it’s not like it’s completely out of this world. He’s young, athletic and has pop in his bat. Save money by putting him at first and let him play everyday. Just a thought. We’ve got a lot of money coming off the books after 2011. I say we don’t waste money this year just trying to plug holes. Let’s build a dynasty.


Well ronlang44 if the Pena signing is a done deal obviously the Ricketts don’t share our thoughts about wasting money because 10 million is headed toward 1B for just one season.
Hendry strikes again.

So, combining last year’s failed Nady “experiment” and this year’s overpriced Pena “band-aid” Hendry over the course of two seasons paid over 13 million dollars for a temporary first baseman and a part time, re-habbing DH. Genius. All the while the Ricketts fiddle with Undercover Boss while Rome burns. They reap what they sow, I guess.

Hendry did it again. At least it’s only one season. Hendry should have made a trade for Chris Davis instead of going after Pena. But that’s just my opinion.

I dont think Pena would throw the davis deal out the window. Davis plays third and first. Would be a nice addition to the bench and get a possible 1st baseman of the future in the org.

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