12/7 Cubs reportedly shopping Gorzelanny

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Cubs are “aggressively” shopping lefty Tom Gorzelanny. That won’t give GM Jim Hendry much extra room payroll wise. Gorzelanny is arbitration eligible after earning $800,000 in 2010. The Cubs do have options in the rotation.

— Carrie Muskat


Are the Cubs gonna do anything this winter? It looks as though all the difference makers are gonna be gone by January. Is the new ownership gonna be this tight and field mainly young pitchers and fielders? I like the use of some young players, but you need experience and leadership at postions like 1st and in the bullpen. Loosen those purse strings Ricketts!

Go and figure why the Cubs are looking for an innings eater starting pitcher !????
We had Ted Lilly who was exactly that, why did you trade him away, Mr Hendry ?
The only guy who was really consistent, when a guy gets little or no run support while usually giving up less than 3 runs per game, you need to get some offense ! It’s not the pitcher’s fault ! you can’t win if you don’t score runs.
Obviously, the sorriano and ********* deals were terrible for the team. When D-Lee and aramis were in a funk it was magnified – the lack of consistent offense.
My grandmother could hit better than soriano did last year.
I hope Hendry and mr. Ricketts read this and other posts by fans – get rid of sorri and ********* ! have the guts to release them like the Dodgers did with Manny.
we need tyler to play everyday – he’s the future. not *********.

Hendry forced his own hand that is why he traded Lilly, he HAD to get rid of some payroll because he killed the team with the unmovable payroll of Soriano, Fukodome, Zambrano and Bradley/Silva. Any GM that puts the team in a positon that forces them to launch one of there better starters if not the best should be fired. Hendry did great by signing Lilly yet is a complete fool for managing the payroll so horendously he has to unload his only quality signings.

At last! Someone who usndertands! Thanks for posting!

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