12/8 Hendry on Pena deal

Cubs GM Jim Hendry likes the way they were able to structure Carlos Pena’s deal. The first baseman will get $10 million, although part of that money is deferred.

“I think it’s good for both sides,” Hendry said. “You’ve got a power hitter that for four years has averaged 36 home runs, a real good defender… I look at his situation a lot like (Adrian) Beltre’s a year ago when he went to Boston. Carlos had a few nagging injuries and didn’t hit for even the average he used to, so he found a club that was really a good fit for him.

“We like the shortness of [the deal], and at the same time it was position we really needed, and he fits the requirements that were important,” Hendry said.

Pena is exactly what the Cubs are looking for, Hendry said.

“It’s hard to find,” he said. “That’s why (left-handed sluggers) get locked up for as long as they do, the (Ryan) Howards, (Adrian) Gonzalez, those kind of guys. We’ve lacked that. We’ve been looking for that kind of power for a while. Plus he has the combination of outstanding defense, and is a terrific guy character-wise. We thought it was a real good fit and hope it works at the level we expect it to. There’s a history of people like this that go somewhere for a year and then maximize their value for the future.”

— Carrie Muskat


Beltre didn’t hit like he did in the past? Did he hit .196 for an entire season Jim? I supppose Hendry is right, finding a home run hitter with a year long average of .196 and was released by two teams in the past must be hard to find, especially since Dave Kingman is still retired, but who knows Hendry may pay him to UN-RETIRE. Strike that, I think even Kingman managed to hit above .196 his entire career and evidently that’s not what Hendry is looking for. This has typical Hendry spin all over it and that is why he mentions other players such as Beltre to help justify in the fans’ eye WHY he blew big bucks again. Pena can hit .320, hit 40 homers and drive in 100 RBI all good toward “justifying” a Hendry free agent signing but even with those (possible, not probable) numbers from Pena this move doesn’t resemble a long term plan. If Pena reaches those numbers he’ll move on to a better, contending ball club in 2012. Again, where’s the THOUGHT going into BUILDING a perenial contender????

I think its a lot like what happened with Beltre. Beltre had a .308 obp, 8 hr, and 44 rbis. All by far was the worst he has had. Beltre responded with a .362 obp, 26 gr, and 102 rbis. Last year Pena had a .315 obp (with a. avg under .200 avg is impressive) and still put up good numbers. He is going to be motivated to prove himself and the Cubs get a player with a high upside without blocking any young prospects coming up. 10 mil is alot but its only one year.

joey joey joey… Pena hasn’t even put a cubs jersey on yet and you are ripping Hendry for spending too much… its one year and we needed someone real bad… I would have much rather we spend everything and get Gonzo but that didn’thappen… this leaves the door open for us to sign some big time FA at the end of next year…. we both know that we are going nowhere next year… I am more worried about getting rid of FUKUdome then any other things right now… we need to get the young talent on the field and see what we got but lets at least give Pena a month of PT before we rip hendry… then if he sucks we can rip the crap out of him and hopefully get Maddux to run this team the way it should be ran….

joey i said I am more worried about getting rid of Fukudome so Colvin could play… we don’t have any good prospects at 1B this move means nothing… 10 million isn’t taking any money from anyone we were going after in the first place… next winter we will have plenty of room to add a big time 1b… the move is a bandaid for sure but not many options out there right now… if he improves his play at all it will at least be worth it and better the team in the process by making more plays defensively and offensively… get off your FIRE HENDRY horse for 2 seconds and realize that…

petrey, petrey, petrey, since when does Hendry deserve a grace period? He’s proven he’s done more harm than good so let the ripping begin. You agree the team is going nowhere next year but it’s just going to cost the club 10 million dollars MORE to get…nowhere? You say we must get the young talent on the field yet this move may not only block the little young talent we have in Colvin from regular playing time at1B but also in RF. Granted, this means Hendry will dump the Fuke Failure for Milton Bradley’s dirty laundry…so either way if Pena sucks it’s a bad move and if he plays well…we still go nowhere with less young kids getting the chance to get ML experience and prove their worth. It’s just a so-so move from a desperate GM. 10 MILLION DOLLARS??? The good of the whole team and the big picture is being completely disregarded by Rindrey.

I didn’t like this move at first glance. Then I started thinking about it and took a closer look. I think we overpaid by about $2million. However, it’s only a 1 year deal. The only young guy we have that could play first next year is Colvin. No one else is ready yet. If Vitters moves to first the earliest I see him ready is 2012. Heck, he may end up in the outfield instead of third or first. Also, this still leaves open the possibility of signing Prince Fielder as a free agent after the 2011 season is over. Also, Pena is a good defensive player and that will help us too. While I didn’t jump for joy I am warming up to it. Plus, it will give our hitting coach a chance to earn his money!

Right, ANOTHER former Jaramillo disciple for him to “fix”…how’d that work out with Soriano? Jaramillo is just another example (but not the worst) of how Hendry percieves spending big bucks. Does anyone believe Hendry would have paid so much for a hitting coach if it were not for the Soriano disaster? Just another way Hendry was begging for any kind of help justifying signing Soriano. We all found out that even the great Jaramillo has no fountain of youth elixer and you just can’t fix “over the hill”. But, you’re right ronlang44, I agree the only upside is the one year contract. Gee, I wonder what got into Hendry? He must not have the faith in Pena that he had in Soriano or Bradley or Fukodome….hmmm….

I was born and grew up in Chicago and am a lifetime Cubs fan.
Other teams have better ballparks in many ways, but for me Wrigley will always be the best ballpark ever, anywhere !
While I was happy to learn that the Cubs signed Carlos Pena, I think the scenario could have been avoided altogether. True D. Lee has been struggling offensively the last two years, but his avg was still higher than Pena’s and he is also a gold-glove fielder and such a tremendous person, great team player and clubhouse guy as well as a fan favorite (those are the guys who sell tickets…)
And we also had Jake and Micah who they could have kept.
It seems that when players reach 35+ the Cubs discard them. they did the same thing with Mark Grace. I think it’s disgraceful to release guys who are icons of the team and gave so much. They could have brought in someone else to platoon with him and let him finish his career with the Cubs.
Maybe I’m old fashioned and I know it’s a business, but I liked the fact that players used to be on one maybe two teams their entire career. Let’s hope this deal works out for the best and hopefully Hendry can get rid of Sorryass and suckadome and get two guys who will produce consistently.

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