12/8 Pena deal is done

The Cubs have completed deal with free agent Carlos Pena and are bringing him to the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin hotel for a 1 p.m. ET news conference. He signed a one-year, $10 million deal with the Cubs.

— Carrie Muskat


So, combining last year’s failed Nady “experiment” and this year’s overpriced Pena “band-aid” Hendry over the course of two seasons paid over 13 million dollars for a temporary first baseman and a part time, re-habbing DH. Genius. All the while the Ricketts fiddle with Undercover Boss while Rome burns. They reap what they sow, I guess.

haha joey are you even a Cubs fan?

Hmmm petrey…you may be on to something, all these MANY YEARS I thought I was a Cubs fan, wait, let me check my Die Hard Cubs Fan Certificate….hmmm, yep, I see….YOU’RE RIGHT PETREY! I never looked at the fine print as follows: Membership shall be null and void should said member ever, under any circumstane disagree with petrey10. Man, how could I have been so blind?!?! I wonder if my union card for Amalgamated Morons Association (local 6-7/8 of course) has similar verbage? Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. Now wake up petrey and go to sleep🙂

I am afraid this will end up another “Jacques Jones” type deal. To get some left-handed power, they are sacrificing Batting Average, + getting a lot of KOs.

oh another trip down mediocrity lane…that signing should sell seats….im sure of it…
and hey joey, how do i get in that union? seeing how im already in for life…might as well be able to carry the card!!!

snehal@cox.net, I believe if one accomplishes one of the following you are then an automatic member: 1. Disagree with petrey10 more than once.
2. Relentlessly point out the feebleness of Hendry
3. Relentlessly point out the feebleness of Hendry 3. Relentlessly point out the feebleness of Hendry
3. Relentlessly point out the feebleness of Hendry
3. Relentlessly point out the feebleness of Hendry
Oh and by the way snehal@cox.net I commend you on the use of the word “mediocrity”, an EXCELLENT choice of words to help in a non-stop characterization of how Hendry goes about his business. After all, with only one of the top payrolls in all of baseball…why aspire to excellence when mediocrity is working out so well??

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