12/9 Cubs talk to Rays re: Garza

It’s going to be tough to pry right-hander Matt Garza from the Rays. The Cubs have talked to the team about a possible trade but Tampa manager Joe Maddon says his starter isn’t going anywhere. If the Cubs are intent on adding Garza, they’d have to be willing to part with some of their young talent.

“Our farm system is very highly regarded with other teams and any discussions we’ve had, it’s always been made very clear that we have plenty of talent to get a deal done,” assistant GM Randy Bush said Thursday. “It’s just a matter of what part of that talent we’d be willing to let go.”

Carlos Pena, who signed a one-year deal with the Cubs on Wednesday, wouldn’t mind seeing his Tampa teammate join him in Chicago.

“Matt Garza is one of those pitchers that wherever he goes, he’ll be an incredible asset,” Pena said. “I think he’s got Cy Young potential, to be honest with you. He’s a great kid. He leaves the window open for great things to happen. Who knows? I think any team would love to have a guy like Matt.

“It’s a lot of fun to play with Matt — he’s so intense, I think you feel the heat radiating from him when you go to the mound,” Pena said.

— Carrie Muskat


How about Carlos Pena for Matt Garza? Doh!🙂

I would love this trade… as long as they take fukudome…. haha prolly not gonna happen bc NO ONE wants him……

petrey10, if the Cubs can pull off a trade getting Garza for Fukodome and some prospects who have yet to appear on the major league team (i.e Vitters??) I will then back off Hendry. Yes, I said it.

Pena won’t go down as a horrendous signing like Soriano and Fukodome, but you have to realize 10 mil is a lot of money for somebody who has seen his numbers steadily decline over the last 3 years. I hope Pena does extremely well and he puts Hendry on the spot for 2012 for a big payday, then we’ll see how well he does.

Hendry did well signing Pena. Trading for Matt Garza would be awesome. He’s a great pitcher and a gamer. Maybe there is hope for Hendry.

Hendry didn’t have much choice other than to sign Pena as almost all the others were gone already. Who was left-Overbay? Dunn would have been great but maybe Pena can turn it around. I doubt he’ll hit again below the Mendoza line.

Adam LaRoche is the player that many are saying the Cubs should have signed for half the cost and better production.

I am giving Pena the benefit of the doubt that last year was his down year… he still had an OBP of 325… and when you hit 196 you usually don’t have that high of an OBP… I am not saying he is goign to hit 300 with 50 homers and 120 RBIs because he isn’t… at all… but if we get a 240 average with 30 homers and 90 RBIs that will definitely help the team out and will out produce any of the other options that are out there… He is respected by pitchers which means it should give ARAM, and Soriano better pitches to hit… he plays good defense… its a good signing for one year… then he is off the books and we can spend the big bucks on trying to get Fielder or Pujols… Pujols prolly won’t happen but I can dream right?

petrey10 you going on record with numbers like: .240avg/30homers/90 RBIs would be helping the team is a no brainer which puts you into the Jim Hendry category the only difference is I would have more confidence in you being the GM. Of course those numbers would help the team but are those the numbers you would pay $10mil for? Or are those the numbers you might get from Adam LaRoche like pman suggested…for a lot less money? And no matter how many “better” pitches Soriano sees they will not help him keep from striking out on the bad ones he will STILL see. A bad batting eye is a bad batting eye, horrible defense is horrible defense and a $10 million contract for $5million production is not good. After all Pena’s 10 season batting average is only .241 so Hendry is once again bidding against himself for a player with less than stellar ALL AROUND SKILLS. Just like Soriano and Fukodome. Hendry can’t seem to wrap his mind around the idea of paying for more “complete” ball players.

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