12/11 Winter ball update

Starlin Castro went 4-for-4, including an RBI single in the fifth, in Escogido’s 10-6 loss to Estrellas in Dominican Winter Ball on Friday. Castro is 8-for-12 in his last three games with four runs, three RBIs, and a triple. He’s hitting .289 in 10 games overall.

Meanwhile, catcher Welington Castillo was batting .192 with three home runs and eight RBIs in 24 games and outfielder Brad Snyder was batting .326 with one homer and seven RBIs in 12 games. Both are playing for Licey in the Dominican Republic.

— Carrie Muskat


Only .192 for Castillo…well, on the postive side, according to the Jim Hendry way of thinking that average would get Castillo about a 9.75 million dollar one year contract based on the Pena average. .192, 3 home runs and 8 RBIs…he may have already surpassed Hill’s 2011 projected season totals but let’s leave him down in AAA while Hill tears up the league with the big club. Another big DUH for Hendry. I wonder if Snyder will ever get a chance equal to Colvin’s. Colvin at 1B and Snyder in RF for the 2011 season would have been completely acceptable to most fans and a refreshing youthful direction not to mention saving the 10 million on Pena which could have been more wisely spent on pitching. Hendry is way in over his head in the major leagues.

o come on joey… that might be the dumbest post you have ever put up…. and for the record i would not be satisfied with playing every rookie possible… get them some PT to see what they can do? YES but have no other option but to play them? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Lets at least try to be competitive joey….

petrey, maybe I’m using words too big for you to kompreehend? Did I say most fans would accept playing every rookie possible? Try READING some posts. I said Snyder in RF and Colvin at 1b. Gee, doesn’t sound like playing every rookie possible. Let’s try to be competitive? You sound like like you’re writing the game plan for Hendry, satisfied with being competitive…against what teams? How can the Cubs be more competitive with Hill’s weak game vs. Wellington’s game? (whatever it may be, it more than likely will be better than Hills’s, time to find out). Hill has maxed out his contribution, time to move on but Hendry pays premiums for “veterans” for the sake of being “veterans”, not working out so well. When you actually READ my post you will also note that nowhere does it contain an insult directed towad you so what’s with the “dumb” comment? Concentrate.

Just for the record Castro was hitting around .200 about a week ago, then he got hot. What happens good or bad in winter ball is going to mean very little come spring. Lets not freak out over a bad avg. He could be in a funk or just having bad luck. As for Colvin how about we see if Colvin can even play first everyday before he gets handed the spot. I dont think even the Cubs can tell you if Colvin is the long term answer at first. Snyder will have his chance to show how good he is come spring….just like Colvin made the most of his chance last year.

Joey, for the record, Castillo’s strength is his arm — he’s the best thrower among the Cubs catchers. He needs to show more consistency at the plate and cut down on strikeouts, plus improve how he handles pitchers. This winter is very important for him because they do have other young catchers such as Chirinos who could pass Castillo.

Carrie, thanks for confirming my point. Castillo AND Chirinos are both capable of EASILY replacing a BACK UP catcher such as Hill. So Hill “handles” the pitchers well, how’d that get us to the playoffs lately? HE’S A BACK UP. Castillo’s strength is his arm, a POSSIBLE bat AND an inexpensive contract, all of those you don’t get with Hill. Plus the fact that Chirinos is coming up too only confirms that Hendry yet again abused his job title and incorrectly spent more payroll on the wrong player. If Hendry would only allow the youngsters to fill the complementary roles on the team (i.e Baker, Hill and even DeWitt) he could then pool some funds to sign the player(s) that this team is SCREAMING for such as LEAD-OFF man and a starting pitcher. Well, maybe Hendry couldn’t but a more competant GM could and would, instead of continually adding players that fall in the “dime a dozen” category. So I say bring up Castillo or Chirinos and let the “Hills” of the world become BULLPEN catchers etc. This team is stuck in a vicious circle without a lead-off man and without an ACE starter. We have 2, 3, 4 & 5 starters and enough “Hills, Bakers, DeWitts” to fill a sem-pro team at major league salaries. Who can agrue the lack of a legit lead-off man and ACE starting pitcher over the last several years? When will Hendry concentrate and address the GLARING and OBVIOUS needs?

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