12/15 Non-roster invitees

The Cubs have added first baseman Bryan LaHair and outfielder Brad Snyder to the list of non-roster invitees for Spring Training. They join pitchers Angel Guzman and Scott Rice; infielders Scott Moore and Bobby Scales; and outfielder Jim Adduci.

Both LaHair and Snyder are playing in the Dominican Republic this winter. LaHair is batting .300 in six games with Estrellas and Snyder is hitting .306 in 13 games for Licey.

— Carrie Muskat


***XAVIER NADY ALERT**** Well, the D-backs just signed Nady for 1.75 mil, that’s about half of what Hendry paid him last year for limited ability, talent and playing time all while “rehabbing” his arm. This because Hendry thought Nady could recapture his “glory days” (whatever those were…) so this really paints Hendry as the genious GM he is, another gold star on the Hendry leagacy of wasting money. Nady was the answer to his failure of signing Fukodome? Right. Certainly no 3 million dollar man, in fact if Hendry thought it was such a good idea to have Nady on the roster why wouldn’t he have trumped the D-backs deal say for 2 mil or 2.5 mil? If Nady was worth 3 mil as an injured player last year wouldn’t Hendry think he would be a better pick up for LESS THAN 3 MIL for 2011? GM…General Mangler. Oh well no non roster invite for Nady, time for Hendry to steal away Matt Stairs, wherever he is.

Im intrested to see how ST shakes out this year. There is going to be alot of starting and back up roles up for grabs. Nady wasnt that bad of a deal. He had a lot of upside and at the time the Cubs only had 3 OF. Colvin wasnt expected to make the team. Looking back on it now he couldnt throw until june, didnt really hit, and the Cubs had Colvin as the 4th OF but still not a move I look back on and say WOW that was awful. There was no one out there that would have saved the Cubs season if he spent that 3 mil somewhere else. Ripping Hendry for Soriano and company…i get. Ripping him for moves like Nady, Hill and company….i dont get. You cant field a team full of Rookies starters and back up. Vets cost money but you have to have them on your team.

im sorry but why do the cubs keep looking at bobby scales? I mean he has been in the system for a long time… he is going to be 34 next year and starting on his down turn in production… why not let Vitters or one of the other younger guys come up and try to get some PT… Scales is useless…. I am all for loyalty and everything but there comes a time where that loyalty can get in the way of building for the future….

Soriano in LF, Byrd in CF, Colvin in RF, Ramirez at 3B, Castro at SS, DeWitt/Theriot at 2B, Lee at 1B, Soto at C ….even WITH Colvin at first and a rookie in RF THAT is not fielding a team FULL of rookies. Looking back at the Nady sigining, WOW, that was awful and him signing now with the D-Backs when supposedly he is HEALTHIER AND ABLE TO THROW for a lot less money confirms it was an awful waste of money by Hendry. You don’t have to have BAD vets on your team. Give me a good or even PROMISING rookie over the vets like Nady and Hill anyday. Scales? Maybe Hendry is not just an incompetant GM but evil as well? It does seem like Scales is being toyed with. Who knows, Scales may very well know what he’s doing and just enjoys the game so much he takes what he can by hanging on as long as he can…maybe the love of the game is truly in his soul, good for him. 3 million dollar bench warmer Nady….BAD, .4 million dollar bench warmer rookie GOOD, 2.6 million saved and put toward pitching…GOOD!!

A BIG upside mlbfanwi? Really? Maaaaybe a little upside and that being if he hit because going into the season everybody knew, I mean everybody knew he couldn’t throw and Hendry STILL signs him for 3 mil? The D-Backs may realize whatever upside is left in Nady and for 1.75 mil a reasonable gamble. But you are right, the way Hendry foolishly spends payroll resources the 3 million pales in comparison to the money going to Soriano, Silva, Fukodome and Zambrano so yes, in the long run and with the asleep at the wheel owners the Cubs are not set any further back, we fans are.

Joey agree to disagree. I understand your point but there is bigger fish to fry with Hendry. Nady had a big upside…it didnt work out. Oh well, we can move on. It didnt set the Cubs back in the long run.

Yes big upside. He was less than two years removed from a batting title. He had always hit well in Wrigley and filled a hole the Cubs had. Im not saying it was Hendry’s best move or even a good move, I just dont think its a move worth ripping hendry for a year later. He has and will make much worse.

mlbfanwi, I knew if I kept beating the drum we would finally agree on something…Hendry has and will make much worse moves. Regarding Nady’s “upside”, you accuratley described his PAST accomplishments but not his upside. Upside being the possible if not probable future of a player and clearly with Nady’s bum arm, limited outfield range, limited outfield skill, lack of speed had very little or no upside for LAST SEASON. You make the argument FOR THE D-BACKS for 2011 a season where Nady has A LITTLE upside being one year re-covered from surgery and at reasonable paycheck. No way did Nady’s upside last season justify his signing by Hendry. Hendry showed his despeation with that deal and was looking (again) for the miraculous lightning in a bottle to compensate for HIS OTHER bad signing, Fukodome. In fact I will cut Hendry more slack for signing Fukodome even at the pricy contract because at least Hendry was attempting to address a glaring need, that being the obvious need for a right fielder and at least he knew he was getting a very solid defender in Fukodome. Nady was a completeley unnecessary expendature of much needed funds. Theree was no obvious NEED for yet another one-dimensional, defensively challenged DH on our bleoved Cubs NATIONAL LEAGUE ball club. The D-backs GM exposed Hendry for what he is, an inferior GM with a dangerous payroll allowance.

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