12/17 Mets interested in Gorzelanny?

The New York Post reports the Mets have inquired about Cubs pitcher Tom
Gorzelanny. The lefty made $800,000 last year, and will receive a raise
through arbitration but would still be a fairly economical addition.
Gorzelanny was 7-9 with a 4.09 ERA in 29 games (23 starts) last season
with Chicago. You can never have enough pitching, but the Cubs do have a
surplus with Carlos Zambrano, Ryan Dempster, Randy Wells, Carlos Silva,
plus up and coming youngsters such as Casey Coleman, Chris Carpenter,
Chris Archer and Thomas Diamond.

— Carrie Muskat


Can we interest them in Hendry too? Just imagine if Hendry can pull off a deal packaging himself along with Gorzelanny for a bag of Big League Chew….then I would praise Hendry for the best trade ever!

The only problem i have with trading Gorzelanny is it leaves the Cubs with all right handers. Not a huge fan of Gorzelanny but i think they need a lefty starter.

idk I actually kind of liked Gorzelanny… I would much rather give up Wells or GRA-BLOW… Gorzey is just a flat innings eater… but if we got some youth coming up that can do that same thing then i guess it could be a decent trade as long as we get something it return don’t just let him go for nothing

That’s the catch 22, the Mets wouldn’t be interested in Gorzy if he was on the same par as Wells. GraBLOW is even further down the food chain. It would make sense for Hendry to trade from quantity/strength which are the young right handers. I agree (AGAIN!!! OMG.) with petrey that Gorzelanny may be missed more than Hendry imagines and put a lot more pressure on Marshall if traded.

This would not be a good move. You have to have at least one lefty in the rotation to mix things up. I don’t understand where people are getting the idea that the Cubs have too many starters. Silva? Big question mark with the finish he had last season. Wells? Guy had a good rookie season but as soon as the league caught up with him he was unable to make the necessary adjustments. I’m sorry but you cannot put your hopes on unproven pitchers in the rotation like Cashner, Coleman, and Diamond who were only on the major league roster because of injuries and really need more time in the minors. And time to let Samardja or however you spell his name go. That ship has sailed. I’m usually on board with most of Hendry’s moves but this would not be good. Keep a good lefty who can eat innings and let these kids get more seasoning in the minors.

I like Hendry when he makes trades, but when he tries to make a free agent splash it usually backfires. See Alfonso Soriano, Meltdown Bradley and Kosuke Fukudome. His more mild free agent signings usually work well…..Ted Lilly and Mark DeRosa are good examples. With that said, I think we should hold on to Gorzelanny and find a way to trade Wells. It doesn’t have to be with the Mets. Surely we can find someone. Also, at the end of the 2011 season we can buy Silva out. So, I say let’s let guys like Chris Archer, Jay Jackson, Chris Carpenter and others get another year in the minors with a late season callup and then let them fight it out in spring training for a spot on the Cubs rotation in 2012.



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