1/5 Garza to Cubs rumors

The Chicago Sun-Times reported Wednesday the Cubs were “close” to acquiring Rays right-hander Matt Garza. That was news to the Cubs. ESPN’s Buster Olney cited a well-placed source Wednesday morning as saying the Rays were more likely to deal Garza this summer. My Tampa sources say the same thing. The Rays are waiting for a team to blow them away with players in exchange. Are the Cubs interested in Garza? Yes. But the Cubs don’t want to give up some of their young talent. The Rays may change their mind around the trading deadline. The Cubs do have depth in the rotation with Carlos Zambrano, Ryan Dempster, Randy Wells, Tom Gorzelanny and Carlos Silva. Garza would definitely give the team a boost and help counter moves made this offseason by the Brewers.

— Carrie Muskat


Having depth in one’s rotation is a moot point when it consists of mediocrity. I would agree the Cubs have more QUALITY depth in the organization but the major league rotation as you listed it does not bring to mind a fearsome staff. Zambrano is the rotation’s version of the outfield’s Soriano we have him because Hendry saddled us with him. Although, between the two Zambrano would be the more logical player to keep based on his end of season performance, but no such logic exists with Soriano as he clrearly brings so little to the table in his degrading twilight years. Dempster is the only starter mentioned that can be counted on for a certain level of performance making him a great no. 3 in a rotation but until we get TWO pitchers BETTER than Dempster it will be a loooooong 2011 season. Hendry might as well usher in some rookies into the rotation such as Cashner and ??? to see how they fare. What’s the risk? That they supplant the likes of Wells, Gorzelany or Silva??? Big deal. Getting Garza would be one of the two pitchers mentioned that are better than Dempster but that would leave the need for one more. It’s almost wise to say Hendry really shouldn’t be spending any money (ie. Pena) until closer to realistcally being free of other salaries (i.e Fukodome, Ramirez, Silva) this way he can address more than one issue in the same season instead of just one band aid at a time such as this off season being known as the “year we need a first baseman” or last year known as the “year we needed a right handed bat off the bench” (i.e Nady’s uselessness). I hope the Ricketts seriously look at some other teams with the same or less payroll and follow their lead whether or not it involves getting rid of Hendry. Hendry may very well have improved the minor league system (but improving it from the garbage it was does not translate into stellar) but he still lacks in the managing of personel, acqusitions and addressing needs such as an ACE pitcher and a bonafide lead-off man.

I think Jim Hendry is already looking for a new job for next year. This has to be true because if he dosent go get Garza or a any other good starting pitcher, everyone will prolly stop watching them or go see them by july. They dont want to giv up young talent that is a joke. The only player they shouldnt part with is maybe Archer. The point is the cubs hav no room for these prospects. Ya i heard you say that when their ready they will find the field. Oh go tell colvin that while they are platooning him fukodome. So vitters might be ready next year if Aram goes, Jackson when byrd goes and Lee when Dewitt dosent get the job done. So we are looking at 5 years when they start comepeting again. That wont cut it. We are not the pirates. So the point is the cubs should trade three or four prospects for Garza cause he will be there for atleast 3 years . They say that they want to slowly rebuild. Slowly rebuilding is 3 or 4 prospect not 7. We are half way there with castro for sure and maybe colvin. By the time Jim Hendry starts realizing that the team can me good now and in the future rather then lousy now and maybe excellent in the future, he will be fired.

the facts are we need to upgrade the top of our pitching rotation… does Garza do that? Yes he does… Is he an Ace? He will be in our rotation! Does He totally handcuff us from doing anything else we are trying to do? Not really sure he makes more but we are dumping a ton of salary after this year so thats not really a problem… I say go get him… Now if the cubs are working on signing some big time leadoff man and getting garza would stop that then I wouldn’t get garza because we need a lead off man in the WORST WAY!!! I am not talking about some bum that hasn’t done it before… We need that one leadoff man that is fast, can hit for average and have a HIGH OBP… buttttttt we seem to think we can plug someone in there whenever we want… cant work… wont work… and if quade thinks he can then he is the freaking worthless manager I actually think he is…

petrey, kind of what I mean by addressing one issue at a time. Only when a competant GM is in place that can talk and chew gum at the same time will the Cubs have a chance at getting MORE THAN ONE FREAKIN’ PIECE TO THE WORLD SERIES PUZZLE. 2011 will be no different than Hendry’s past failed attempts at “building” (ha!) a World Series contender. He thinks we’re good to go because he obtained the much coveted (yeah, ALL the GMs were lined up to throw money at Pena) Carlos Pena to babysit first base. Will he get Garza? Maybe, maybe not. But, agreeing with you Hendry seems to neglect the glaring need of more than one stud pitcher and a LEGIT lead off man. By the way petrey, who would you have in mind for the lead off spot? I’m drawing a blank as there isn’t really a surplus of them is there? No sure.

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