1/12 Hill avoids arbitration

The Cubs avoided arbirtration with catcher Koyie Hill on Wednesday and signed him to a one-year, $850,000 contract.

“In the bottom of my heart, I would probably scrape every penny I have to pay for a chance to do this,” Hill said. “Contract negotiations is something that’s part of the game, but I’m happy its over, I’m happy I’m a Cub and I’m happy the Cubs organization thinks enough of me to want to have me back.”

Hill, 31, made 60 starts last season and batted .214 with 13 doubles, one triple, one homer and 17 RBIs. Since 2007, the team has an 84-72 record in games he has started.

Catcher Geovany Soto and pitchers Matt Garza, Carlos Marmol, Sean Marshall, and Tom Gorzelanny are the Cubs’ remaining arbitration eligible players. Jeff Baker, 29, also was arbitration eligible but he renewed Dec. 2 on a $1.175 million contract.

— Carrie Muskat


Hill is happy? Duh. Well that makes two people, him and Hendry. There’s no stopping this juggernaut to the World Series now. Hill with his anemic offense will no doubt lead us to the promised land and if not him then Pena, although Hill has him by what 18 points in the BA dept.? This current major league roster has about 12 players that could be replaced by just about any rookie.

^ *rolling eyes* …

I am with drwoowoocl on this one…for all you eye rollers out there… Hill’s “veteran presence” must be worth almost a million bucks to Hendry whereas Wellington Castillo’s “rookie status” means nothing to Hendry. Hendry needs to realize when a veteran offers very little or nothing more than a rookie, but spend, spend, spend Jimmy as you complete your half-arsed roster with the likes of Hill, Baker, Grabow…hey isn’t Chad Tracy available AGAIN?? I wonder if Hill’s and Soriano’s eyes are rolling when they swing and miss? Maybe that’s their problem?

I have trouble believing there is no one else out there who would at least give them a little offense. Even Henry Blanco was a better hitter. What I cant figure out is why do they ever play this guy more than twice in a row? Frankly, I would rather see what Castillo could do as a backup.

Hills record catching was 84-72 when starting,too think he did this all be himself,what a guy. any backup that catches on this team could have done the same, including Castillo and Chirinos. This team needs a competent GM who knows how to assemble a team,too bad the timing wasn’t right for an offer to Walt Jocketty.

Hill has contributed nothing. I don’t get it. Wellington Castillo deserves to be the back up catcher, period!

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