1/12 Reed Johnson is back

The Cubs have signed Reed Johnson to a Minor League contract and invited him to Spring Training. The outfielder played with the Cubs in 2008 and ’09, and batted .287. He spent last year with the Dodgers. No word yet on whether Johnson will revive his popular “Reed Between the Lines” blog.

— Carrie Muskat


I feel the need, THE NEED FOR REED.

JH are you ill…? Another positive pick-up? We don’t need an up and coming player as the 5th outfielder, so this is just perfect.

Following Garza and Wood and the restraint in turning Pena into only a 1-year deal, has JH been released from his control by the devil…?

We will only know when he decides to trade Gorzellany and leave us with a righty only rotation – or will he realise this is a crazy idea.

this is a minor league deal..cant hurt


The Cubs are moving in the right direction for a change. It’s great to see JH spend money responsibly (Carlos Pena deal) and be aggressive by trading for Garza. Brining Reed back is great! He’s an excellent clubhouse guy and a huge spark plug off the bench!



The only right direction the Cubs can take is firing Hendry. Yes, I do agree that Garza was a rare, aggressive and needed trade based on a glaring hole in the rotation and Hendry did pull the trigger on what appears to be a well thought out trade. However, to say he spent money wisely on Pena is stretching it. Rewarding Pena with 10 MILLION just to see if he can improve on not only a .196 BA but recently declining consecutive years is a desperate move by a desperate man. Johnson? Daddies3 is right, if Hendry just kept to minor league deals that can do no harm the whole organization would be better off. Hendry should be “promoted” to a new position: The Assistant to the Assistant to the Assistant of the AA ball club. I would say if Hendry passed on Pena and spent the 10 million on yet another front line starter the club would be better, the fans more excited and 1B would have benn “baby sat” with a player more of the caliber of Adam LaRoche or anybody that could have given the team average defense, a .260 avg and a dozen homeruns. Better to have that kind of first baseman in 2011 while most of the dough goes to the starting rotation. We still need one more pitcher as good or better than Garza to even have a chance of competing with the rotations of Cincy, St. Louis and Milwaukee. I know…let the eye rolling commence…

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