1/15 Remembering Ronnie

The Grand Ballroom at the Hilton Chicago was packed Saturday as Hall of Famers Ernie Banks, Billy Williams and Fergie Jenkins, plus Randy Hundley, Jose Cardenal, Glenn Beckert, and Milt Pappas shared stories about Ron Santo. There were lots of laughs during the hour-long segment, clearly the most popular of all the events at the Cubs Convention. Beckert said when he first joined the Cubs, he was thrilled to learn he would room with Santo on the road. “About a year later, I found out nobody else on the team wanted to room with him,” Beckert said.

Banks recalled Santo’s competitive spirit, saying “Billy would hit a home run and Ronnie would want to hit a home run.”

“He was like a brother to me,” Banks said. “I always think about him — he’s my friend.”

Santo died Dec. 3 from bladder cancer. He was 70. The Cubs will honor him with a No. 10 patch on their uniforms and also dedicate a bronze statue outside Wrigley Field.

— Carrie Muskat


This is extremely random Carrie, but I’m looking for a specific Santo radio call. It was 6/7/2003 a Saturday afternoon vs the Yanks. Eric Karros hit a 3 run homer to propel the Cubbies to a win. Ranto Santo screamed “God bless you Eric Karros.”

I’ve been trying to find that clip since Ronnie’s passing.

Can you help by any chance?

I’m really gonna miss Ron, God Bless him!

CARRIE MUSKAT – Hi Carrie, your doing a great job keeping us informed thank you.

Carrie -on WGN Sports Central- Oneiri Fleita was mentioning players to keep an eye on, he said Marwin Gonzalez, Reggie Golden, Micah Gibbs, and two recent free agent signings but I didn’t catch their names, do you know who he was refering to?
Thank you.

Re- Oneiri Fleita he mentioned 2 International free agent signings to keep an eye on I didn’t catch the names, and after some research I’m guessing the one was 16 year old SS Daniel Sanchez. But I couldn’t find the other one?

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