2/13 Colvin and 1B

Tyler Colvin better dust off his first baseman’s glove. Cubs manager Mike Quade said Sunday he will have Colvin get some work in there this spring. Right now, Jeff Baker is the only backup first baseman on the depth chart.

— Carrie Muskat


As long as he plays almost everyday,that’s fine !

I am really sorry that Sandberg will not be with the Cubs!

Me too, but we have Quade and are stuck with Hendry, so how about we look onwards and upwards with lots of positive intent towards the present incumbents (even you Joey).

Allright hustle I’ll try. I like the way you put things…we HAVE Quade and are STUCK with Hendry. I am more than willing to give Quade the benefit of the doubt. Although I preferred Sandberg it was not because I disliked Quade. He seems to be well adjusted and mentions defense quite a bit. We’ll see how he handles his worst defender Soriano.
But onward for sure, upward in the standings? Eh.

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