2/13 Samardzija ready to go

This will be an interesting spring for Jeff Samardzija, who is one of the candidates for a spot in the Cubs rotation. He’s out of options.

“I’m not too worried about that,” Samardzija said Sunday on his way into Fitch Park in Mesa. “I came into camp the last couple years with a big grand plan of what I wanted to do. I’ve done to camp and done everything I can preparation-wise and obviously a lot of guys will get a good look and it should be a good camp.”

The Cubs are not picked as favorites in the NL Central. That doesn’t bother Samardzija.

“I think we have a great core group of guys,” he said. “It’s a fun team. I don’t think you can project this team’s season just by who’s sitting in the locker room right now. You have to see how this team starts and how we roll. I think the best thing we have here is how we are a team. Everyone gets a long very well, everyone enjoys each other and has fun. Hopefully, we can start fast. I think that’s a big key to the season. Obviously, you can’t clinch a division in the first month but you can get off on the right foot, which always helps instead of playing catch up the rest of the year.”

In January at the Cubs Convention, Samardzija said he was ready to go then.

“I’ve been ready for a long time,” he said. “That hasn’t changed. I’ve cherished this last month. I’ve really laid low here in Arizona and took my time and didn’t go anywhere and stayed here and worried about one thing. It’s been nice to do that. To be down here and getting ready for camp is a different feeling.”

Pitchers and catchers will have their first workout on the field Monday.

— Carrie Muskat


I think this will be the final year for Jeff to make it and stick!

It is the final year… I’m not a fan, but it would be great to see him fulfil his potential.

Big difference between “ready to go” and GOOD. Hope he makes it because of his talent and not because of his lack of options. No more room for sentiment on this team. You’re either GOOD or move on.

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