2/23 Cubs on Wainwright injury

The Cubs were definitely not gloating over the news Wednesday that the Cardinals may have lost pitcher Adam Wainwright to a serious elbow injury.

“He’s on one of our rivalry
teams,” pitcher Sean Marshall said, “but I still wish him the best as a friend. You don’t wish
that on anyone for sure,
even if it is your ‘sports enemy.’ Adam’s a great guy and I wish
him well. He’s definitely
one of their staples in their rotation and a Cy Young contender
the last couple years and it
helps our team if he’s not in the rotation but you don’t wish
anything bad on

Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood has had to deal with his share of injuries.

“You feel bad for the guy and you
never want to see guys get hurt, especially top of the line guys like that,” Wood said, “but he’s not the first and he won’t be the

Said Cubs manager Mike Quade: “That’s a shame, that’s what that
is. It’s a damn shame. I don’t know what else to say. I watched him come through the system. … You want to win and
compete and all the rest of it, but you don’t like seeing anybody get hurt, that’s for darn
sure. He’s meant a lot to them. That will be a tough one [to

It’s been a tough camp for the Cardinals with all the talk about Albert Pujols’ contract and now this.

“I’ve always said that as long as [Tony La Russa] is running the club and they
have the people they have,it’s a great franchise and they always have the ability to get
better and add on and I fully expect them to be right in the thick of it no matter what,” GM Jim Hendry said.


— Carrie Muskat

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