3/2 A little pep talk

Manager Mike Quade met with Starlin Castro prior to Wednesday’s game to talk about having a little more intense approach in practice. The young shortstop made a throwing error on Tuesday, one of nine by the Cubs this spring. After watching Castro commit 27 errors in his rookie season last year, the Cubs want to make sure his errors aren’t because of mental lapses.

“You think about work intensity, you think about mental stuff, how best to get a lot of the stuff done,” Quade said of the overall defense. “One thing I know for sure is, I watch early work every day and guys are working. You start with that. So, is it game situations? In ‘Cassie’s’ situation, is it inexperience? Is it concentration or focus? You try to deal with that.”

What the Cubs will try is demanding a more intense approach in practice sessions. Infield coach Ivan DeJesus, who went to the Dominican Republic to work with Castro for one week on his throwing mechanics, will be in charge of the amped up sessions.

“Somehow, someway put yourself in a game situation and play for keeps,” Quade said of the message to Castro.

He listened. In the first inning Wednesday, Castro hit a two-run homer off the Brewers’ Yovani Gallardo.

— Carrie Muskat

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