3/2 Dust up in the dugout – UPDATED

Carlos Silva apparently wasn’t happy with the first inning on Wednesday and was involved in a skirmish with Aramis Ramirez in the Cubs dugout. The Cubs made three errors in the inning, including one by Ramirez. Silva had walked the leadoff batter and also served up a pair of two-run homers. As the first inning ended, some players had to be separated. It’s not clear who Silva was upset at. He did not return for a second inning and chose to leave the ballpark without commenting to reporters.

“It was obvious he was upset,” Ramirez said. “Nobody wants to make errors. Nobody feels worse than an infielder or outfielder when they make errors, but we talked about it. Everything’s back to normal now.”

“We don’t have to fight,” Alfonso Soriano said. “We just want to play to win.”

— Carrie Muskat

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I believe the report that, when Sammy Sosa left the Cubs dugout the last game of a season not long ago, at the end of another “nice-try-but-no-cigar” season, management fined him $87,500. When I followed-up with the further questionasked, “Why this specific amount?” I was told that it was ONE-DAY’S PAY for Sammy.
When the man at the major dealership where I had taken my car to be serviced that week was driving me home, after I had relinquished my car keys, excitedly told me that he had just taken two nephews to see a Dodger game that weekend and what a great time had been had by all (Dodgers won!), he also estimated, in response to my question, “How much did you drop doing that,” he paused and then answered, “Oh, for the parking, and the tickets, three Dodger Dogs, sodas, and some beer, and 2 souveniers, about $150!!!
On his salary, ($100-120 a day ???) he took 2 cousins to see
one baseball game, AND IT COST HIM ABOUT A DAY’s pay!
Is there a reason to relate these data in a blog responding to the report of another Cub dugout brawl? I think so.
We Cubs fans, after all these years, “deserve” players who justify THEIR day’s pay by focusing on winning, not whining, and never for fighting with a teammate, on or off the field.

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