3/3 Quade meets with players

Mike Quade met Thursday with the entire team to discuss the rash of defensive lapses, but did not call Carlos Silva and Aramis Ramirez into his office to make sure the two veterans had made peace after their dugout scuffle. Silva and Ramirez had a brief skirmish in the dugout after the first inning of the Cubs-Brewers game in Phoenix Wednesday. The Cubs made three errors in the inning, including one by Ramirez, and Silva served up a pair of two-run homers. Chicago now has committed 14 errors in four games this spring.

“We just put things to bed and made sure things don’t fester and kind of get a re-commitment to cleaning up some of the mistakes we made,” Quade said. “It’s not just about saying we need to clean some of this stuff up, it’s offering solutions and ideas that we think may help clean things up.

“That doesn’t mean it happens overnight,” Quade said. “You want to make sure people are committed to the work they’re doing, that they understand the differences in Arizona and the things that go on here, be it pop ups or the speed of the infield, all the things that this place presents. You just emphasize particularly the defensive end of it.”

Quade was the only one who talked at the meeting. He was glad to see some of the players were as ticked off as he was by the sloppy play.

“I’m glad people are [upset],” he said. “We need to channel that anger at the opposition and within ourselves and that’s all. Just handle it the way you need to handle it. I think we put that to bed and as far as I’m concerned, we did.”

He did not call Silva and Ramirez into his office, opting to let the two resolve their differences. That doesn’t mean he wants to see more altercations.

“Look, if we were going to have everybody fighting who has made mistakes this spring, we’d have the cage match of all time,” Quade said. “Let’s be honest — it hasn’t been good. It’s surprised me because I’ve been happy with the work.”

— Carrie Muskat

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