3/4 Wood, Garza on family feud

Who knows? Maybe the Cubs’ recent dugout skirmish can result in a World Series championship season. Marlon Byrd and Carlos Pena called a players only meeting on Thursday in the wake of sloppy play and the scuffle between Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Silva. Players kept the topic of the meeting private.

“It happens every year,” Kerry Wood said. “I’ve been involved in [fights] before and [the media] didn’t know about it. It happens. You never like to see it happen where everybody can see it but it is what it is.

“We’re all grown men,” he said. “We leave here in three, four weeks and we’re going to work together for 162 games. It better bring us closer.”

Not that he would recommend daily fisticuffs, but Matt Garza has seen positives come from negatives. In June 2008, he and Rays catcher Dioner Navarro scuffled in the dugout after a home run and an argument on the mound in Texas. The Rays reached the World Series that year.

“You guys all have families,” Garza said. “We see these guys eight, nine months out of the year. You can’t tell me you never get in an argument with your brother or sister. It happens.

“I think we care enough that it shows,” Garza said. “That’s why I have a good feeling about us. We care enough to say something. If we didn’t care and just swept it under the rug and players didn’t say anything, that’s a bad sign. At least we know here, ‘I’m going to hold you accountable just like you’re going to hold me accountable.’ When push comes to shove, I know he’ll have my back, and he’ll know I have his back.”

— Carrie Muskat

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