3/10 Cubs vs. Sox, Round 1

Mike Quade has a good friend coming to Friday’s Cubs game against the White Sox, and it’s going to be a test. His friend is a White Sox fan.

“He says, ‘Geez, couldn’t you work for somebody else?’ I’m like, wait a minute, you’re a good friend of mine — c’mon,” said Quade, the Cubs manager.

Quade grew up in Chicago, watching Bozo’s Circus like most kids, and also watching the Cubs on WGN TV when he came home from school. He knows there is no gray area when it comes to loyalties in the city. On Friday, the Cubs travel to Glendale to face the White Sox, and will try to get every edge, using a designated hitter instead of having pitcher Ryan Dempster bat.

“There’s spirited competition amongst the organizations but also with their skipper [Ozzie Guillen] and third base coach [Jeff Cox], who is a friend of mine, so it’s a little different,” Quade said. “All you’re trying to accomplish here, even with the White Sox, other than me DH’ing tomorrow, is still within the confines of getting our work done. That’s the difference between how many games you win and lose here. I’m not matching up late in the game. Guys are going to play, and we’ll do it the same way.”

— Carrie Muskat

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