3/21 Cubs to meet Tuesday re: roster

Mike Quade will meet Tuesday morning with GM Jim Hendry, assistant GM Randy Bush, pitching coach Mark Riggins, bench coach Pat Listach and others to discuss the state of the Cubs and make some roster decisions.

“It’s time to sit down,” Quade said Monday.

The Cubs have nine games remaining this spring.

“I think the conversation tomorrow basically talks about everybody’s role on this club — who’s still alive to make this club, who’s not, where we see the depth, the rankings from the pitching to the bullpen, the whole club,” Quade said. “We have decisions to make. We know a healthy [Aramis] Ramirez is our third baseman, but we’re going to go through the whole club — at least that’s what I want to do. We’ll look at every angle, every possibility.”

Quade has his opinions on certain players. For example, catcher Welington Castillo has opened his eyes. Castillo was batting .706 this spring. That’ll get your attention. However, they have to determine whether Castillo and the Cubs are better served if he’s starting at Triple-A Iowa or backing up Geovany Soto on the big league team. Blake DeWitt, on the other hand, is hitting .163 and still has work to do at second base.

Quade said he’s already had some healthy disagreements with Hendry, Bush and others, and that’s OK.

“I’m not of the mentality that I have to win,” Quade said. “I’m not an ego guy. I want to do the right thing.”

— Carrie Muskat


Hi Carrie,

Isn’t it amazing how the power of bad contracts can affect the makeup of your club? I like seeing the Mets actually part with some of their bad contracts. I saw that Oliver Perez is now a free agent and I’m just hoping and praying that Sean Marshall stays healthy so I don’t read on the bottom line in a few weeks that Jim Hendry has just signed him to a 4 year deal.

I’m glad to see that Quade has had disagreements with upper management. I hope they give him some say because he seems to have a pretty good grasp on his players. I felt like Lou was pretty distant the last couple years, but Quade seems to evaluate and know his guys.

I know it’s pronounced “Qwah-dee” but wouldn’t it be great if they made an energy drink called “GatorQuade”? Let’s get on that first thing.


I could only hope that if Quade had his way, assuming he is the baseball man we think him to be (good at fundamentals and evaluating talent) he would rather have Colvin as the starting right fielder, Castillo as the back up catcher, Barney as the starting second baseman, Cashner as the fifth starter….yada…BUT how would Hendry wriggle out of the BAD CONTRACTS as mentioned by keithcub of Fukodome, DeWitt, Baker, Silva??? The hardest part of Quade’s job is not managing well enough to succeed but managing the roster inherited from the underperforming GM. Hendry himself is the first bad contract that should be pared from the organization.

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