3/22 Decisions, decisions

Cubs manager Mike Quade may not get much sleep Tuesday night. Quade met in the morning with GM Jim Hendry, assistant GM Randy Bush, pitching coach Mark Riggins and bench coach Pat Listach to go over the roster, including the fifth spot in the rotation.

Randy Wells, who has a 1.35 ERA this spring, has secured the No. 4 spot, and it’s down to Carlos Silva, Andrew Cashner and Braden Looper for the last opening. Silva, who has a 15.88 ERA in four outings, will start Wednesday against the Athletics, while Carlos Zambrano, who is set, will go to the Minor League camp to get his work in. Cashner threw nearly 60 pitches over three innings Monday in the rain against the Angels but has not been stretched out to 80 pitches.

“I have a lot to sleep on and or not sleep on tonight regarding the pitching and other areas, too,” Quade said. “In the next couple days, we have to get this thing done. The truck’s leaving Sunday.”

That’s the truck that carries players’ personal belongings to Chicago.

— Carrie Muskat


Hi Carrie,

I think the obvious choice for the rotation is Looper. Silva has played himself out of a job and it’s obviously time for him to retire (and by “retire” I mean “be cut by his employer even though they still have to pay him mi-i-i-i-i-i-i-illions). Cashner is probably the starter of the future, but he’s not physically ready for starting at the Major League level. Looper is a proven winner in the NL and at the very least should be the place-holder for Cashner as he “stretches it out” at Iowa.

Maybe Hendry could swing a trade sending Silva to Seattle for Milton Bradley? I kid! I kid!


Have you seen Looper pitch? He has an ERA over 10 during spring. Cashner is the best option. The Cubs need someone with the potential to be great if they want to win this season.

Absolutely agree with cz38. We’re talking about the FIFTH SPOT in the rotation on team with too many overpaid over the hill veterans as it stands in a year with ZERO expectations and any playoff run would be by surprise not by design. Translation? Perfect year to break in the PROMISING rookies and get them experience for the future. Let Cashner, Barney and Castillo gain some time this year and if THEY surprise so be it. But Hendry rarely thinks of the future (i.e. SORIANO!!). There will be no surprising fountain of youth turn arounds for Looper, Hill, Silva so let the kids that HAVE talent have a chance. Hendry…geez!

Besides, Silva was never “targeted” as a great addition to the starting staff, he was only acquired because Hendry had to dump one of his many mistakes (Bradley) for another GM’s MISTAKE. What a way to general manage, even a good pick up like Wood falls in his lap and Wood MADE IT HAPPEN, NOT HENDRY. Sure, Wood may like Hendry and may even think him a good GM (gag!) BUT it certainly wasn’t Hendry’s SKILL at what he does that landed Wood. If Hendry had a shred of pride left he would just fall on his sword and release Silva and Hill for that matter and MAKE HIS TEAM BETTER by keeping Cashner in the rotation and Castillo as a back up not just capable of subbing for Soto but actually breathing down his neck which may actually improve Soto’s performance! Motivation to keep one’s job can do wonders.

sorry but Looper is NOT the ideal choice… let Cashner get some experience… this isn’t to win this year its to win next year and beyond…. quite hindering the progression of prospects with veterans that aren’t cutting it… lets face it we are going to suck this year, so lets build for the future figure out what we got and then spend some money in the offseason to fill the holes while getting rid of the bad contracts and players.

petrey10, welcome aboard!

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