3/23 Cashner & Jaden

Jaden Justice got an inside look at the Cubs’ clubhouse on Wednesday, a guest of pitcher Andrew Cashner. Justice, 12, is an outpatient at Cardon Children’s Hospital in Mesa, and undergoing treatment for cancer. The trip was coordinated by Southwest Ambulance, part of a program called “Spring Training Transports.” Jaden came ready — he’d painted a Cubs red and blue “C” on the back of his head.

— Carrie Muskat


Hi Carrie,

I’m glad that these programs are active. I can’t think of many things that could be sadder than a child with cancer. I always hope when I read these stories that the players take these days to heart. It’s easy to become callous and think of these stories as nice PR for the team and an obligation for the player. I truly hope that the players are touched by the stories of what these kids have had to go through and what they have in front of them. I hope that they realize how much it means to the parents of these kids to see the joy they receive when they get to meet their heroes.

What are the views of Christianity in the clubhouse? Is there a team “preacher”?


Hi my name is Ryan, I am the father of Jaden. I was lucky enough to “tag” along with Jaden on wed. to this game. I must say, that this was a day Jaden will never forget. Everyone of the players, coaches, cooks, everyone was amazing. Some of the nicest people we have met. Here they are preparing for a game and not one of them couldn’t find the time to come and say hi to my son and sign his ball. And especially hats off to Andrew Cashner. Andrew gave us the V.I.P. tour. An amazing man. Jaden was even able to sit down with Andrew, Reed and a few others for chicken and corn, (actually a couple of helpings, steriods do crazy things to an 8 year olds appetite.) So thank you Cubs, from the bottom off my heart. You put a smile on my sons face, which we had not seen for a long time. We are forever fans and will be forever greatful to each and all of you. Thank you. Go Cubs!!!

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