3/29 It’s a dry heat

Matt Garza can’t wait to get out of Arizona.  He gave up seven runs on 11 hits and walked two over three-plus innings while striking out seven Tuesday. Garza finished his first spring in Arizona with the team with a 10.38 ERA.

“You just shake it off and get ready for the next one — the next one counts,” Garza said.

This was his first Spring Training in Arizona and he probably won’t be getting any promotional deals with the tourism office.

“First year in Arizona and it [stinks],” Garza said. “I don’t care about the travel, it [stinks] here because it’s so dry. I can’t wait to get to Chicago where there’s more moisture in the air.”

It is a dry heat.

“You grab a ball and you feel like you’re throwing slime because it’s so slippery and you can’t get anything on your fingers — not enough spit or rosin or nothing, it dries out right away,” he said. “That’s not the reason I threw why I did. … I feel great and the ball is coming out of my hand the way I like. Hopefully, my luck turns.”

In Florida, Garza’s spring consisted of throwing, pitcher fielding practice and going home. This year, he had to add hitting now that he’s in the National League with the Cubs.

“The first week I couldn’t throw a baseball because my thumb hurt so bad from bunting so much,” Garza said. “Physically, I feel great. Pitching wise, everything felt where I needed to be.”

His next start will be Sunday at Wrigley Field for the Cubs. Let’s hope there’s not too much moisture.

— Carrie Muskat

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