4/9 Chatterbox

Carlos Pena is very talkative on the field.

“I hope he’s saying the right things,” Mike Quade said of his first baseman.

Pena will often go to the mound to chat. Carlos Marmol appreciates it.

“It’s a good thing,” Marmol said. “He’ll come out and say, ‘C’mon, you’re the best.’ It’s a good thing, especially for me. I can be wild a little bit. It helps me to calm down.

“‘We believe in your stuff’ — that’s what he tells me,” Marmol said.

If pitching coach Mark Riggins sees something mechanically, he’ll go the mound. Isn’t that the catcher’s job to talk to the pitcher?

“Not always,” Quade said. “Don’t you get tired of listening to me? So, the pitcher could get tired of listening to the catcher. If the catcher goes out there, it’s probably a longer conversation.”

— Carrie Muskat


Just a pity that so far his batting has been atrocious.

For $10m you could probably get a decent GM – one with the foresight to protect Casey McGehee from the Rule 5 Draft, allowing you to move Ramirez to first base – and afford another decent bullpen arm to replace the woeful Spellcheck.

Agree with Patcrick Jones. It is absolutley confounding why Hendry has yet to be fired. If the Ricketts are that hell-bent on keeping him for WHATEVER value they see in Hendry then they deserve what they are getting, a GM that CONTINUALLY WASTES THEIR MONEY. Over 21 million dollars for just TWO players??? Silva (not even on the team) and Pena A batting average of just .196 last year AND just a .240 something CAREER average??? How does THAT translate into a MUST HAVE STOP GAP 10 MILLION DOLLAR PLAYER??? And McGhee? Yeesh, can’t even start on THAT blunder.

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