4/10 Garza needs better mix

Matt Garza shouldered the blame for Saturday’s 6-0 loss to the Brewers, saying he needed to make some changes.

“We didn’t score any runs, so I don’t think you can lay the finger entirely on him,” Mike Quade said Sunday.

Milwaukee’s Prince Fielder hit three doubles off Garza, and in each instance, Garza was ahead, 0-2, in the count.

“You know when you’ve got a guy 0-2, even a guy like Fielder, he’s in a world of trouble,” Quade said. “I just want to see him come out and be better next time.”

Garza said he’s a “fastball guy” and the majority of the Brewers’ eight hits came on fastballs.

“That’s uncalled for,” he said. “That’s not my style, that’s not who I am, and that’s something that’s going to change.”

Quade, though, said he’d like to see Garza improve his soft game. The right-hander’s next start is Friday in Colorado. We’ll see.

— Carrie Muskat


already Garza is annoying me… there is an excuse for everything.


Hi Carrie,

I think Garza will come out of his funk. He struggled a bit last year after he tossed his no-hitter so maybe this is just a hangover from that. But the guy has great stuff and it will work when he gets into a rhythm. I happen to think the Cubs overvalued Garza when they traded for him, but I also think he’s a quality pitcher who will see similar success to what we have seen from Dempster in recent years.
For whatever reason, the Cubs had trouble scoring runs in his outing and that’s the trend that really concerns me.


I believe Hendry overpaid for Garza but this trade will not be one that I condemn Hendry on. Getting someone like Garza who has history of being an excellent pitcher is what the Cubs should be doing so it is an acceptable gamble. Not like throwing away 10 million for Pena who’s production could have been equaled by a much cheaper alternative, even Colvin perhaps who WAS ALREADY ON THE PAYROLL.

Joey weren’t you against playing Colvin at 1B? I thought I remember us having a discussion about that… me saying 1B would be easy Colvin while you and someonse else said the opposite… i could be wrong

You may not be wrong petrey10, as I may very well have said that on one of my “Hendry rages” against moving a kid out of position JUST TO ACCOMMODATE Fukodome. However every case is different, the Pena 10 million dollar contract vs. Colvin at 1B is a no brainer for the good of the team’s roster and financial health. Pena is no way worth a 10 million dollar risk based on his history, especially his RECENT history as the past few seasons shows a downward trend. This is a case where Colvin at 1B made sense, DON’T waste 10 mill on a sub-par, one year, “fill-in” with Pena, put the 10 mil somewhere else? So, Colvin at 1B and the disspointing (yet defensively good) Fukodome in RF and 10 mil saved is a lesser of two evils situation rather than the corner Hendry painted the team in AGAIN forcing the manager to use TWO dissapointing players, Fukodome AND Pena. He essentially retarded (ha! He should know) the maturation and growth of Colvin when he should be doing just the opposite after the year Colvin had.

I want to clear up that I am in no way supporting Hendry… he has ran this team into the ground and needs to be held accountable for that… all I am seeing is that your argument has changed… at first you didn’t want Colvin at first… it has nothing to do with Fukudome or Pena those are all facts now that weren’t basic knowledge then… anyways i agree with you Hendry is retarded! I really wish Maddux would take the GM spot but I don’t think he wants it… he would be the best at it tho

Same old Hendry, same old Cubs. Yeah fans!!! Continue not showing up for this clown show. The Cubs got Garza from my now #2 team the Rays. They way overpaid for him. He is and always was a flyball pitcher. The kiss of death at Wrigley. Colvin should have been at 1st save the bucks and let the kid play until you can unload Fuk, Sor & Ari. My #1 team is now the Marlins and they are up and coming. Doug Davis?????? What a joke!!!

Message to Hendry: The fans would have understood if the team went for a youth movement. You just would have had to explain the road map. Wow, is it that crazy to think the GM should have a plan! I don’t think any Cubs fans really like the Garza trade. He’s not going to make us a playoff team. Don’t get me wrong, I think Cubs fans (including myself) like what he brings as a player. But, we simply gave up on the players we were developing. While “prospects” are not guaranteed all-stars, it would have been nice to see a few of them develop. We’ll have 3 years of Garza at 11-14 wins, not make the playoffs, and then have to pony up a Soriano-type contract to keep him. Garza will be fine. he just doesn’t make us a championship contender…no fault of his own. Blame the GM.
Anyone notice SAM FULD! Thanks, Jim…

Come on Sam had his shots with the Cubs organization and just didn’t produce like he is now… he has gotten a change of scenery and has produced well SO FAR… don’t let an 11-12 game flash in the pan predict the value of a trade… Signing Garza was not a terrible move… what is a terrible move is not having an ACE on the staff…. Dempster is a good #2 or #3 pitcher… Zambrano is a good #2 pitcher…. Garza is a good #2… but yet we got the worst of the 3 as our Ace right now… that shouldn’t be and won’t be the formula to make a championship team…

Uh. Sam Fuld (like Colvin is now) was stuck behind a bunch of overpaid outfielders to get any serious/consistent playing time. His Tampa Bay progress (in my opinion) is a direct result of getting consistent playing time…playing every day. No one was going to take Fukudome or Soriano’s contract. And the Cubs can’t bench $10+million/year players. So, Fuld never had a fair shot. You watch. Fuld will be more productive and provide more energy and defense than Soriano or Fukudome (yes, better D than Fukudome). And really, I wasn’t just talking about Fuld. We gave up some other prospects, too. I wasn’t predicting the value of the trade. But, it was not worth it. Like I said, I like Garza. He just doesn’t make us a championship or even a playoff team. SO, why not see how our own young, promising prospects develop. Maybe they don’t pan out, but the upside would be better than 3 years of struggling mediocrity with Garza only to lose him to free agency or give him ANOTHER BAD CONTRACT. If fans cannot see the logic in this…typical cub blind faith in Hendry.

Petrey10 I stand by what I have said in the past, your interpretation notwihstanding. Colvin should have remained the starting right fielder becaus he is more likely to contribute to victories, more so than Fukodome. When the bumbling GM eliminates RF for Colvin because he insists on the over evaluated Fukodme then and only then does Colvin become the vialble option at first but instead Hendry compounds his futile performance as a GM and wastes EVEN MORE MONEY AGAIN by signing Pena as if us fans would panick if he didn’t have a veteran at 1B. Even though I think we gave up too much for Garza I believe it is a more acceptable gamble than most of Hendry’s goofy trades. With that said I completely agree with Cubslifer about Fuld and Petrey10 you are dead wrong, with Soriano and Fukodome on the team Fuld NEVER was given a FAIR chance to contribute to the team. In fact alhtough Byrd is a good player I think Fuld fit the ACTUAL need and role of a stud defensive centerfielder with speed not to mention a possibl lead off candidate. It all goes hand in hand with Hendry’s love for the overpaid veteran. Imagine Fuld in center, McGhee at first, Colvin in right and Archer in the rotation with over 35 million back in the bank for future pitching free agent acquistions. Sounds like that line up beats the current one.

Ok here are my 2 arguments here… one right now I would you rather have Fukudome’s bat or Colvin’s bat in the lineup? Fukudome’s defense or Colvin’s defense in RF? Check the stats before you answer because they are saying Fukudome… again I still agree with you but your arguments are not performance based… their preferance based…. Fuld played 65 games in 2009… showed he could be a reliable sub when needed but did not show starter quality… then in 2010 his production went way down in the 19 games he appeared in… he didn’t have much value and still really doesn’t… sure he has played great for TB but lets wait a month or two before we start bashing Hendry for giving up such a talent when we really don’t even know if his production will last… I won’t argue against the McGhee trade as that just didn’t work out well for the Cubs but its not like we are the only team in the history of baseball to give up a prospect that turns into a good power hitter… its part of the game… could anyone have predicted he would turn into a productive bat?? IDK i guess you guys can say you knew but in reality its all hindsight…

Even Jeff Baker who I am not a fan of is contributing a better offense at first base than the woefully overpaid and overevaluated Pena. So….Hendry DID have options for 1B other than wasting 10 mil on Pena. Now, I will admit if Hendry went into the season with Baker as the first baseman I would have have gotten on him again UNLESS he had the foresight, wisdom and nerve to publicly STATE HIS CASE that Baker is the temporary solution to first base, saving the team MILLIONS of dollars until the team either commits to Colvin at 1B (wouldn’t be MY first choice but…) or can land a more logical first baseman via free agency or trade IN 2012 (Fielder? Pujols?). But for the love of all that’s Cub…why commit 10 mil to Pena when you know it could be better used NI 2012??? Because Hendry is Hendry and no matter how big or small the fish is…YEAR AFTER YEAR HE HAS TO LAND “A FISH” and this year’s fish is the awesome Carlos Pena.

I admit I never knew McGhee would be the RBI man he has been for the PAST THREE SEASONS. But a good GM might have known, besides we didn’t give him up as in a TRADE, hendry just gave up ON MCGHEE. What sense did that make not to keep ANY player that had ANY PROMISE (as McGhee had) especially to a GM such as Hendry who has no problem WASTING payroll money? So why not “waste” the paltry minor league salary on a low risk like McGhee especially with BOTH Ramirez and Lee nearing the end of their stay? I would much rather have Colvin’s SEASON LONG superior prodcution ability at the plate and his inferior defense in right field AND the saved money in the bank rather than Fukodome’s great April and sucky May-Sept. EVEN THOUGH he is a far superior defender. It’s not like Colvin is a butcher in the field like Sorryohno. The 65 games Fuld played in 2009 showed he could start FOR THE CUBS as they were pretty desperate for a center fielder and lead off man, he certainly showed more ability than a back up but even so, then why wasn’t he kept as a back up in 2010 for the entire season? 19 games in 2010 and his production went way down so…off he goes? How about Hendry’s current golden boy Pena? How’s his production so far in 2011 limited play? NOT JUST WAY DOWN BUT MISERABLE! Off HE goes? I don’t think so, too embarrassing for Hendry. Just wait until Quade has enough of Pena’s lack of offense and we start seeing a lot more of Baker at 1B. Even if Pena returns to his CAREER average of a robust .248 (?) the team won’t get 10 million worth of offense. I AM NOT ARUGING THAT FULD SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN INCLUDED IN THE GARZA TRADE but Fuld certainly wasn’t given a good opportunity to advance with the Cubs. Evidently other GM’s see the talent in Fuld and McGhee. Not losing sleep with Fuld gone, at least we received SOME value for all the studs Hendry traded and it could still be a very good trade…But paleeeeze don’t claim that Fuld was given every opportunity to be a starter when he should have been the starting center fielder all of 2009, just like Soto’s opportunity and Castro’s opportunity. What brilliant center fielder did the Cubs have again in 2009???? Oh yes, the Hendry savior of the day…JOEY GATHRIGHT…and his vehicle leaping ability. Nice job Hendry. I repeat: GATHRIGHT.

Totally agree with Joeydafish. Petrey10, stop drinking the JH kool-aid. Hendry has really turned into a poor decision maker as a GM. We can all agree he made some good deals, like back in the early 2000’s. But, it seems that the contracts (and deals) he’s committed to for this current team are just horrible, horrible management decisions. Seriously driving the team and fan base into the ground.
Fuld was not given a full opportunity. Colvin is not being given a full opportunity. By full opportunity, I mean not an everyday starter. As stated before, they are “STUCK” behind overpaid players. Yes, it is preference, but it’s because going young is the right direction to go right now. WE ARE NOT A PLAYOFF TEAM. IF YOU THINK WE ARE, YOU ARE LYING TO YOURSELF! We should be rebuilding for a strong future and not struggle in mediocrity. This all comes back to Hendry. This is not hindsight. That’s the most short-sighted comment I’ve ever heard. For example, you think fans couldn’t foresee that the Soriano signing would come back to bite us? come on! He doesn’t even play hard. I hate watching him “jog” to balls hit in the gap. He’s a professional, though. I’ll give him that. Cubs fans can criticize him all they want (and I do) and he just let’s it roll off his shoulder…I’m sure the $18+million a year helps with that. Not someone I would want to invest that much money for. Jim Hendry’s investment philosophy is: Buy high, sell low. In recent years: Soriano, Jacque Jones, Pena, Bradley, Fukudome, Samarjdzia, Garza (not Garza’s fault he’s here).

Add to that acquiring Vizcaino, Heilman, the reincarnation of HomeRun Howry, Aaron Miles, giving away the farm for Garza, trading Angel Pagan, DeRosa, Sergio Mitre, Ricky Nolasco, Renyel Pinto, David Aardsma for Neil (nearly as good as Howry) Cotts, Michael Wuertz and Gorzellany for peanuts… not protecting Casey McGehee in Rule 5 Draft… aside from Lee and Ramirez this clown of a GM has not made another good trade aside from one which was made to cover up one of his mistakes.

Every ill with this team has been caused by a lack of ability to evaluate players. How good would the Bullpen be now with Aardsma and Wuertz instead of Samardzija and Russell? Jake Fox as back-up catcher provding pop off the bench instead of the ponderous Hill. Nolasco as 4th starter in rotation…? Gorzellany as 5th Starter – traded to save money yet Doug Davis if he makes it will cost more (he was the ideal long guy in the bullpen if Hendry was set on Cashner/Wells at 4/5. Casey McGehee at 1st / 3rd…? Factor in these players and you had the ability to at least hold your own in 2011 if not contend.

To call Hendry an idiot is insulting to Village Idiots the world over. Anybody can look good with money to burn. Now the coffers are closed Hendry is more Genetically Modified than General Manager. It was high time for him to be sacked 2years ago when he didn’t run Piniella out of town when he gave up in 2009.

Finally, if Hendry is GOD, where are the 1st / 3rd Basemen in the system…? PATHETIC.

He must go NOW before he completely destroys the Cubs.

I rest my case.

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