4/20 Castro in the No. 3 hole?

Kosuke Fukudome was expected to be at Wrigley Field on Wednesday by game time after spending the morning with his wife, who gave birth to the couple’s second child, a daughter, on Tuesday. Fukudome could start the second game of the Cubs doubleheader against the Padres and bat leadoff. Where would Starlin Castro go? If manager Mike Quade gives Marlon Byrd the second game off, he is considering inserting Castro there. The lineup is evolving, as Quade likes to say.

“The 1-2-3 hole could be musical chairs depending on who I have in the lineup on a particular day,” Quade said. “Other than my cleanup hitter [Aramis Ramirez], everybody’s able to adjust and understand if we do make some changes.”

Castro has handled the move from No. 2 to leadoff without missing a beat. Geovany Soto could catch both ends of Wednesday’s doubleheader, depending on how he feels. Don’t be surprised if Castro is batting third in Game 2.

“This is why I’m glad it’s a split doubleheader,” Quade said. “At least I’ve got an hour to figure that out.”

— Carrie Muskat


About the same amount of time Hendry devoted to the Pena signing???

yikes, I know it is early but I didn’t know we were getting an offensive Adam Dunn in Carlos Pena. Has he always struck out this much?

THIS much? Maybe not but he has always been a strike out guy that may hit a lot of homers. BEEN being the key word. Hendry gets him anyway thinking he would all of a sudden become what? The player he’s alway been, NOT GREAT or the player Hendry THINKS he cam become? Same thing with Bradley….Hendry remains the “wife” or “girlfriend” of the man that can be changed for the better but never happens. Give credit to Quade for bucking the Hendry signing of Pena when he pulled Pena in THE MIDDLE OF A GAME and inserted the mighty JEFF BAKER just to get SOME offense. What’s that tell you about Pena? How many other first baseman get pulled in the middle of a game? Quade knows what he has he just has to build up the nerve to make some changes that would (not intentionally) embarras Hendry like Barney starting over DeWitt at 2b. Didn’t Hendry REALIZE Barney is the better option at 2B than DeWitt when he traded for DeWitt? Was DeWitt really THE NEEDED player for this team? No, just another paycheck out the window. Instead of trying to get somebody with THE NEEDED SPEED…he gets DeWitt, another dime a dozen player. The only way the federal deficit and out of control spending could be any worse is if Hendry was in charge. 10 million for Pena, like spending $500 on a hammer when another $25 hammer will do just as good a job OR BETTER. When will the Ricketts wake up?

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