4/23 Extra bases

The sun is shining at Wrigley Field, which is a nice change.  It should be fun with Ryan Dempster facing former Cubs teammate and good buddy, Ted Lilly. Lilly even did his traditional warm-up jog in front of the bleachers.

“I had a lot of people who have been watching the weather and stuff and all of a sudden wanted to come see ‘Demp’ and Lilly,” Cubs manager Mike Quade said. “It  says a lot about those two guys and Lil’s time here. They’re best of friends and they won’t be today, which is also something I love about them. I love Lill to death but I hope he leaves here with a very unhappy face. It’s an interesting day for sure.”

* James Russell will likely start Tuesday against the Rockies, his third big league start. This time, the Cubs want to give Russell a side session rather than use him in relief in games. Right-handers are batting .469 off him.

* Jeff Stevens was optioned to Triple-A Iowa on Saturday and Justin Berg recalled. Stevens threw 89 pitches in relief on Friday and most likely would not be available for two to three days. They needed a fresh arm in the bullpen.

* The Dodgers admitted someone did miss a sign when they were attempting a steal in the fifth inning on Friday with an 8-1 lead. Quade had said post-game that he needed to get the L.A. version of the unwritten rules to determine the etiquette.

* Saturday’s lineup is loaded with right-handers against Lilly as Reed Johnson and Jeff Baker both got starts.

— Carrie Muskat


Goes to show you how CLUELESS Hendry/Quade is. Russell is NOT a starting pitcher.. but the “management” seems to think he is. My patience with Quade is fastly disappearing.. his decision making is questionable, his handling of pitchers is poor at best. There are VIABLE starting pitchers at AAA.. USE THEM! Pitching Russel is not your best chance to win.. heck.. I would rather see Hayden Simpson start!

Maybe it shows how little if any confidence Hendry has in his minor league STARTERS? That are already “stretched out”, a term often used by people looking for excuses. On another note I must admit that Quade is getting the best out of Fukodome EARLY in the season and sitting the woefully hitting Colvin but is that really the best THIS manager for THIS team should be doing? Fukodome WILL NOT BE HERE NEXT YEAR, COLVIN WILL BE (barring any typical blunders on Hendry’s part). Is it not time for SOMEBODY to admit that the best chance of getting to the World Series is grooming and developing the players that will be everyday starters in 2012 and beyond THIS SEASON??? Is it only Quade and Hendry that TRULY believe that there is a calculated chance of THIS CURRENT starting roster getting to the World Series THIS SEASON while the rest of us know it would be completley reasonable if not responsable for the “brain trust” to go with a youth movement and 2-5 year plan? Doesn’t anybody in the Wrigley offices get sick and tired of Hendry’s “Special Of The Day” strategy? The special of the Day THIS season being Pena, a 10 million dollar babysitter of first base, not even a poor man’s version of Pujols. Come on Mr. Hendry…really? Even YOU must have at least noticed if not learned from the Soriano, Fukodome, Bradley/Pena BLUNDERS??? Marlon Byrd is the best you can do? And although a good player certainly not the one to fill the need at the time.

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