4/25 Ramirez gets day off

Mike Quade has tried to give everyone a day off and Monday was Aramis Ramirez day of rest.

“Ramy needs a day — I think he needs a day,” Quade said. “I could’ve given it to him [Sunday]. I thought [Sunday] was a more offensive conducive day. It’s a good thing when you have a guy playing so well like [Jeff Baker] is, it makes it a lot easier.”

Plus, Quade wants Ramirez to be fresh for the upcoming West Coast trip to Arizona and Los Angeles. Baker has never faced Rockies starter Esmil Rogers. In fact, only Blake DeWitt (0-for-3) and Reed Johnson (0-for-3) have.

— Carrie Muskat


is it possible for someone to not allow runs im tired of losing games my god….garza demp z really? terrible…ALSO how bout a little power
Just a thought since I cant stand bad baseball and hendrys had 10 yrs to get it

The great and powerful Hendry should trade Fukodome NOW, while he’s killing the ball. STRIKE while the iron is hot for a change instead of getting burned by it later. This is Fukodome’s last year with the club anyway and he dissapointed the first three seasons so Hendry might as well cut bait and get SOMETHING in return for him.

Is there anyway we can do something with Carlos Pena. He stinks! Is there anyway we can trade him to Toronto for Travis Snider? Anyway we can package a deal to Toronto with Soriano and possibly pick up a younger outfielder to help get some younger legs out there? CP I think needs to be in the American League, he is not a hit for average guy that we need at first base.

There is less a chance of Pena and Soriano being traded to ANY team as there is the chance of Hendry resigning or being fired. Pena is just another in a long line of players acquired by Hendry that have no logica reason being on the Cubs. I think Hendry has done more good for OTHER teams by releasing players (McGhee?), signing veteran free agents before other GMs might have made the same mistake (Soriano) or trading players for players of less value (DeWitt?). In fact, Hendry may very well earn the GM of the decade award for improving the opposition.

At Monday’s after-the-game press conference chat with Quade he used the term “…. wet pig…” Is this a colloquial baseball term referring to the baseball? I thought baseballs had horsehide covers.

Maybe he was referring to a “who” and not a “what”???

First off, can someone please fix that stupid “related posts” section? You have an article saying Ramirez gets the day off, then right underneath you have a link that says “Aramis to 15-day DL.” Of course that was from 2010 and not this season!

Second, let’s stop with the “Trade Fukudome while he’s hot” and “Send Soriano to a bad AL team in exchange for a good young player” talk. It’s April people. No team is looking to acquire anyone yet. Most major in-season trades don’t happen until at least June! And you think other GMs don’t know that Fukudome has been on fire in April in the past only to cool off once the calendar turns to May. This isn’t fantasy baseball. The value of a player doesn’t increase his trade demand just because he has a good three weeks. As for Soriano, unless the Cubs are willing to pick up most of his contract, they probably won’t even be able to get a bad young player from some bad AL team for him.

IF we can get rid of Fuke I want us to AS SOON AS possible… yeah I don’t think we will be able to get anything from him because everyone knows he can’t play a full season. Nothing we can do about Soriano… no one will take his contract and in reality he is the best OF we got so no sense in trading him right now..

The “wet pig” comment was a Quade-ism. As for the links, point taken, but that’s beyond my control. I’ll ask higher ups

Doug, calm down…we’re CUBS fans…all we have is FANTASY baseball. By the way, is it a requirement in order to be the Cubs field manager one must consistantly juggle the line up? In an organization that lacks consistancy you would think a guy like Quade can manage a steady line up for at least a couple of weeks?

I understand it is April and it is very early to get frustrated with the lack of offense from guys like Carlos Pena, but really what is the upside of having given a contract to a guy that hit .196 last year and is having a horrible April? Should we signed someone else in our organization if we could not get anyone else? Should we have given Micah Hoffpauir a year to see what he can do and if he had a bad year, just chalk it up and go after someone else the next year? He had a good year at AAA in 2010. He would have been a better risk in my opinion. I think Carlos Pena will be another mistake to add to the reason why Jim Hendry needs to be replaced as we continue to play mediocre baseball. I want the Cubs to succeed, but I think we need to put a better team out there.

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