4/26 Cubs lineup

Jeff Baker is starting at first and Reed Johnson in right field Tuesday night for the Cubs in Game 2 of their three-game series against the Rockies, who are starting lefty Jorge De La Rosa. Baker is batting .400 overall and .455 against lefties. And Starlin Castro is back in the leadoff spot. He’s 2-for-17 in the No. 3 hole, and 23-for-46 (.500) in the leadoff spot. Here’s the lineup:

SS Castro

2B Barney

CF Byrd

3B Ramirez

1B Baker

C Soto

LF Soriano

RF Johnson

P Russell

— Carrie Muskat


Any thoughts to Fukodome hitting 3rd? Byrd ain’t working out and neither is Castro. #1 went 5 for 5 last night, and is on the bench today? That makes absolutely no sense. And Fukodome is hot right now, why not let him play more? We REALLY need someone to drive in the #1 and 2 batters who are hitting .350 or so collectively and rarely score cause Byrd is hitting less than .200 with RISP or whatever his bad numbers are. And why not Castro at 2nd base? He can’t field routine balls, only rarely makes a spectacular play and has no situational awareness. Why he did not throw to 3rd last night instead of into the right field black hole just shows what a headcase he is. Baker was covering 3rd. The batted ball TOOK him to 3rd. That is just horribly dumb. Pena needs to sit lots more, he can’t hit a lick.

I think Fukudome hitting 3rd might be a good idea, it is better than Byrd hitting there when he is struggling. I do not know about Castro at 2nd base, he is a good SS, but he just needs more time to get better. We do not have another SS since we got rid of Ryan Theriot. I am not sure we have another player who can do the day to day duties at SS.

Theriot was more a 2B than SS but don’t forget that Barney played SS his whole life until he made the team this year. He is our back up SS anyway. If Castro gets a day of rest of pulls a hammy, who will play SS? Barney will. I say let’s switch them out and go from there. If your SS can’t field routine ground balls right to him, or move to his right, or come in (all 3 errors) why say “oh he is learning?” Really? Learning to field routine ground balls? The reason his fielding percentage is so low is just because he can’t make routine plays. Sometimes he makes a play and then takes his time and the runner beats it out to 1st. Even last night on a force play at 2nd, he lobs it to Barney and gets the 3rd out…but the guy was safe it looked like. Why make it close? Throw the ball. He may be a good SS in 2 yrs…right now he is horrible. Don’t confuse him making a diving play once in a while with good. For every dive….you have to field ten right at you. He misses two of ten. He cost the Cubs the game.

Pretty bad when we are trying to figure out where the lesser of evils will bat in the order. Throw Pena in there (oh just another 10 million dollars, pocket change for the Ricketts I GUESS!!!) and yet another RBI slot is wasted. Really, how long can Hendry hang on to his job NOW???
How much evidence must be brought forth? Pena is the smoking gun in the trial of Jim Hendry.

I dont understand why Soriano’s gotten screwed over all season. Hes been easily the most productive guy with runners on this season, yet he gets placed 6th or 7th every day while Pena does absolutely nothing but contribute to the 27 outs needed to finish the game. Quades done some good stuff this year so far, Barney standing out as his best work, but i see no justification for where theyve batted Soriano. I mean he even gets paid more than Pena.

Batting Soriano 6th or 7th is where the higher ups want to “hide” him in the order knowing he is not the major run producer Hendry over paid him to be. After all, although he is producing leaps and bound more then Pena that is not a difficult acheivment considering Pena’s abysmal prodution and Soriano is…still Soriano, a free swinging, one dimensional, .250 hitter. However, moving him up in the order and benching Pena for Baker makes the most logic but the egos involved (Quade, Hendry & Pena) must all be a factor. And being the crazy, misguided organization that the Cubs are, egos usually trump logic. At this point the line up might be better resulting in the polling of us fans on a daily basis and not the people that have proven to be MEDIOCRE AND SUSPECT.

why are you guys complaining about Pena being in the lineup in the article when Pena isn’t in the lineup? haha just think its funny… And if Ricketts or Hendry want to move Castro to 2b then go after JOSE REYES!!!!!!! Give them what they want and bring JOSE in he has the speed we need… then Castro could hit 2nd… can you imagine Reyes then Castro?? wow that would be awesome

The Pena thing is just a problem I’ve had all year. About the ego thing, I thought Pena was supposed to be this like good clubhouse guy but why cant he tell Quade, hey coach im not hitting move me down. Soriano is hitting .250 but thats not really that bad since he is a slugger right now as he is up there with the league leaders in homers. Batting average isn’t a problem for this team, were hitting .283 overall which is really high, what we need is some more big hits which Sori can produce with guys on base. I’m not saying put him 3rd, but 4th or 5th would be good in that it could give him a little more protection and give him more fastballs since hes never been able to consistently hit off-speed stuff.

we are hitting .283 as a team cause Castro is .370, Barney is. 324, and Fuko is .440 or whatever, never mind Baker in spot starts hitting .400. Colvin, Byrd, Soto, Soriano are not hitting in key spots, and Pena our 5 hitter is hitting .180 or something. Fuko in the 3 spot, and Baker hitting against Lefties is the answer. And Reed needs to play more cause Byrd is swinging at stuff in the dirt like Sori does all the time. Difference is Sori HACKS and if he connects it goes. Otherwise Sori is bad. I do not know why ALL pitchers don’t throw him nothing but curve balls away. He would wiff three times and MAYBE take one walk. Colvin is the LH version of Sori….taking hacks and hitting nothing. What is he hitting, .170? Horrible. Dewitt can’t hit, and Koyie Hill belongs in your local Firestone store, selling tires. He is horrible. If we get our 4 and 5 starters back and are within 3 or 4 games, and Q starts putting winning lineups on the field, AND we make a move in July for whatever our pressing need may be (probably another arm) then we have a shot.

The Chicago Ifs vs. Anybody….

I don’t mind Baker batting 3rd while he’s hot, especially against lefties, but the normal order should be:
1. Castro- eventual 3 hitter but not just yet.
2. Barney
3. Ramirez- our proven best overall hitter in all situations.
4. Soriano- our proven best home run hitter on the team.
5. Pena
6. Byrd
7. Fukudome
8. Soto
You then have the righty/lefty/righty/lefty thing in play 4-8 and can always switch Fukudome with Pena. I never understood Ramirez not getting the shot to bat 3rd and Soriano is our best option at cleanup hitter, comparatively speaking.

I don’t like Fukodome so low when he is hitting well right now. And Soriano is hitting .250ish. Yes he has six dingers. but he has no idea where the strike zone is. He swings at stuff 3 feet outside and 1 foot in front of the plate. The only reason he has 6 dingers he is just hacks at everything. 4 hitter gets more ABs in a game, or in a week, or whatever. As compared to the 6 or 7 hitter. Leave Sori in the 6 hole. Kosuke in 3 hole. Our one and two batters are set. I would have Baker hit 5th….Pena may start hitting one day. Soto hitting .230…8 hitter. Reed needs more ABs and Colvin should be in Tampa Bay….and Fuld should be playing CF for us. We still have a good team and will be better when Wells and Andy come back. Until then we have to execute and make routine plays.

Not really an adequate rate! do not you think? Or maybe he was just out of date … it has been a long time.

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