5/1 Minor League report

Thomas Diamond gave up three runs on four hits over five innings in Iowa’s 7-6 loss to Omaha on Saturday. Welington Castillo had two hits, including a solo homer in the ninth.

Ryan Flaherty hit his seventh homer but it wasn’t enough as Tennessee lost, 7-6, to Carolina. Chris Rusin gave up three runs on eight hits over six innings.

Nicholas Struck gave up two runs on five hits over five innings and struck out six in Daytona’s 4-2 win over Dunedin. Jae-Hoon Ha hit his fourth homer and Justin Bour hit his sixth.

Hayden Simpson gave up four runs on seven hits over 4 2/3 innings but did not get a decision in Peoria’s 13-8, 10-inning win over Beloit. The Chiefs totaled 18 hits and scored five runs in the 10th for the win. Micah Gibbs and Smaily Borges each homered for Peoria.

— Carrie Muskat


Mrs. Muskat,

Why oh why does Jim Hendry and Mike Quade refuse to use Jay Jackson or Chris Carpenter. They have said that no one is ready to be called up, but Jay Jackson has thrown the ball very well already this season. Using James Russell who is a serviceable lefty specialist ONLY to start is killing the cubs. Have they won a game he has started or even the game after he has started? It is putting pressure on the bullpen, starting rotation, and lineup. I am a believer that this is part of Dempster’s problem. He feels pressure of being the Number 1 and also saving bullpen because Russell. He is trying to be too perfect and is getting rocked. Coleman is not doing that great either the Cubs aren’t running away with division right now lets chage the channel on James Russell as a starter and turn to a young gun who actually profiles to be a starter. The worst thing that can happen is that they fail like Russell. Best thing? We find another Randy Wells who goes on a tear and wins some big ball games for the club. Please pass this on the Quade and Hendry…I would love an answer.

i wonder the same thing… if we could put a win streak together we could be leading the division EASILY… but since we have Coleman and Russel starting in the 4th and 5th spots its just a killer… bring up some of the young talent I don’t care if its JJ or CC or someone else… but light a spark and let the fire burn till Wells and Cash get back…. come on its not that hard to see!!!!!!

How can anybody be sure Quade is refusing pitching help from the minors? After all Quade is in charge of the major league roster, it is HENDRY that is in charge of the ENTIRE roster. This is just another indictment on the bad job of Hendry. Does a good GM move a pitcher like Gorzelany after such a brief stay and claiming what a great pick up Gorzelany was? And Gorzelany WAS a good pick up by Hendry, extremely rare but good. Where is he now? Duh, Hendry had to save payroll somewhere and the only way he could do it is by moving players other teams see value in. That is why he could not save payroll by moving Soriano, Fukodome, Silva (released, STILL PAYING HIM), Hill among others…there is no interest in Hendry’s overpaid, underperforming players, even with Soriano having a “good” start and Fukodome having his typical hot start, other GM’s will not be fooled like Hendry was fooled when first acquiring them. Soriano should not be viewed as a real good player because is hitting a lot of solo homeruns, he is still a terrible hitter that can easily be fooled by bracking balls like in AZ when he struck out swinging on three balls outside the strike zone with the tying run on 2B all because he was swinging for the homerun (as usual) and not a base hit. His base hits are just chance hits resulting from him “missing” his home run attempt. It’s so obvious just watching him at the plate. A clutch BASE HIT? Fat chance.

As far as Jackson and Carpenter are concerned, Jackson has only made three starts for Triple-A Iowa. He was slowed because of an injury and wasn’t considered ready. They saw Carpenter in Spring Training and don’t feel he’s ready either. It’s sad, but best bet may be Doug Davis, who will start Thursday for Class A Daytona, or Todd Wellemeyer, who will start Thursday for Iowa.

It is sad Carrie, if only the Ricketts would consider your observation and reflect on the shape of their organization they may then realize they have to cut ties with Hendry.
Doug Davis? Hendry signs DOUG DAVIS because he thought GORZELANY was expendable. Wellington Castillo with two more hits….Hendry is correct Castillo is no Hill, the two hits in one game prove that. Let him rot in the minors Jim while Hill warms the bench and steals from the payroll budget. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid can’t hold a candle to Hendry’s Carlos Pena and the Whiffing Catcher.

Yes, I know Hill just hit a home run…so…sing him to an extension? Puhleeeze. How sad is it that HILL hits a home run before Pena????

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