5/3 Cubs lineup & Barney

Darwin Barney, the National League Rookie of the Month in April, is batting second on Tuesday for the Cubs in Game 2 of their three-game series against the Dodgers. Here’s the lineup:

RF Fukudome

2B Barney

SS Castro

3B Ramirez

CF Byrd

1B Pena

LF Soriano

C Soto

P Dempster

Barney is the first Cubs rookie to win the monthly award since Geovany Soto did so in August 2008. Soto also won the NL Rookie monthly award in April that year, and was named NL Rookie of the Year in ’08.

Remember, if you want to vote for Barney for the NL All-Star Game, you have to write him in. You can do that online.

— Carrie Muskat


Is Covin every going to get a chance to play??? Can we still send him down to work on things (or is he out of options)??? I’ve been a Cub Fan way too long to watch the same pattern repeat over and over again. If the vets can’t get it done……..its time for them to move over. A very frustrated fan……and its only May. YIKES

The Darwin Barney for All-Star Game movement has already started!

Check out this page Cubs fans put together. Spread the word!


Colvin needs to be sent down and bring up Jackson for a little bit… at least so we can see what we got in Jackson… if he kills it then trade Byrd or Fuke to someone

I was a big backer of Colvin over Fukodome but I agree with petrey. At this time it is obvious Colvin is the odd man out so Hendry is only harming him by letting him rot on the bench. He may as well get back on track in AAA and compete for a spot next season when the human corkscrew is no longer blocking his or any other rookie’s progression. With that said, why would Jackson get any decent playing time in the bigs with Quendry still in charge? Would Jackson also be the victim of the Byrd/Fukodome/Soriano set in stone outfield? We are all just in a holding pattern waiting for Hendry and his mistakes to make like Elvis…and leave the building. Waiting it out is a way of life for us Cubs fans.

Amen Brother……….Also, I’m good with holding as long as we we don’t repeat the same situation as with Fuld, MY didn’t that work out well.

^ don’t get ahead of yourself Eric…. its only the beginning of May… let’s see if he can keep it together first… my guess is Fuld has had is flash in the pan with TB now we will see his regression back to earth…

I understand your comment and I only use Fuld as an example of good talent we’ve had in the pipeline that was wasted because the Cubs insist on sticking with vets beyond acceptable levels of performance. For example, in football the Patriots know when it is time to “cut bait” on a player and move on, not holding back their younger players development.

Back to the point, all I know is that when the Cubs brought Fuld in over the past two seasons, the energy level and excitement was raised in almost every instance. We do not see that with our current team among the vets, except maybe Byrd (not including the kids like Castro and Barney).

I know it’s May, but it too early to be repeating the same old patterns, especially with a new manager at the helm.

Just assuming Fuld would have been a reserve outfielder last year and this year he would have performed defensivley better than any of the three starters and the subs Colvin or Johnson (and I like both), ran faster than than all of them and would have cost less than Johnson. In other words it made perfect baseball AND business sense to utiilize Fuld in some capacity on the major league roster. So I understand what okerblad is trying to get accross. Not that anybody is losing sleep over Fuld be gone just that the same pattern is repeating itself under Hendry’s watch. Right? Doing the same thing over and over expecitng different results can still be considered insanity. Hendry has created an unhealthy environment of revolving free agents. Now, he does deserve credit for allowing in all his majestic splendor the advancement of Soto, Castro and Barney however it still doesn’t quite seem it is by his DESIGN. Castro was a no-brainer (naturally Hendry promoted HIM), Barney is playing because Quade can choose him over DeWitt because DeWitt isn’t one of Hendry’s multi million dollar mistakes (just a mistake) Soto may be the only legitimate player brought up by design but Soto himself can fast become one of the players blocking Castillo? WE NEED A PLAN that looks beyon one year and down the system to players like Castillo, Jackson etc. They thought of Colvin at 1B then quickly dismissed that Idea in FAVOR OF SPENDING 10 MILLION for a weak hitting player to baby sit 1B? THAT’S responsable management? Hell, a better plan would have been (if not happy with Colvin at 1B) to acclimate Soto at 1b and slide in Castillo behind the plate FOR THIS SEASON. Colvin could still play 1B resting Soto or even platooning with him and Castillo could have 250 AB’s. 10 million in the bank for next season. THAT’S at least a reasonable, responsable plan utilizing some youth during a season with NO EXPECTATIONS. Hendry blew it again with Pena, he couldn’t even wait for Fukodome to come off the books before blowing millions on another overrated veteran with his glory days behind him..even if Pena finishes at .250 and 25 HR’s….sounds like Colvin numbers to me.

Oh yeah…Soriano not hustling, THERE’S shocker for Hendry.
Alfonso Soriano, meet Andrew Jones. Mike Quade, meet Bobby Cox. Jim Hendry, meet the Door.

no way they could have known Castillo would hit the way he did this spring… we still don’t know if he is going to hit at the MLB level… if we want to know that then we need to send K.Hill packing (PLEASE!!! he is garbage))) but then you got a promising young player sitting on the bench most days behind Soto… what would you rather have??? I know Pena is not a great option but it was worth a try for one year while we rebuild… he has hit 2 hr in 2 days maybe he will start to heat up some… again I hate Pena but it wasn’t a terrible signing to try for 1 year (rebuilding year)… I am kinda glad Colvin isn’t playing everyday he is really truly struggling and needs to be sent down to get his confidence back… the days of him hitting 250 with 25hr potential could be over in my eyes (i may be getting ahead of myself but Colvin looks like a flash in the pan)… hindsight is always 20/20… i just hope Ricketts sees that Hendry is not cutting it as this teams GM… its time for change… give Maddux the reigns!!!!!!!!!!

I would rather have Castillo getting 30-40% of the STARTS behind homeplate and available on the bench as an actual PINCH HITTER instead of a PINCH OUT. I would rather have Soto and Colvin split time at first so they can get THERE at bats and not rot on the bench, not to mention Soto not getting overused behind the plate knowing he has to be there almost ALL THE TIME because the only option Hendry gave Quade is an automatic out in Hill. THAT’S rebuilding AND seeing what you have in the system at the same time making this team much better prepared to address ACTUAL needs for 2012. Pena for 10 million was a terrible signing regardless of the “only one year” and if it is a rebuilding year then REBUILD don’t stop gap wasting MILLIONS on a SUSPECT VETERAN. It’s contradictory to claim 2011 is a rebuilding year AND accept Pena’s present at the same time.
MAYBE Pena will start to heat up? O.k. so he’s now officially on a 5 month 10 million dollar contract? He is so far behind being a RUN PRODUCER he’ll be struggling to catch up the remaining 5 months. Just more proof of the lack of foresight Hendry displays. MAYBE, HOPE AND IF… the Hendry motto. I agree Colvin is struggling…on the bench, it’s as if they are setting him up to fail. Send him down to play everyday would be better. BUT Pena is ALSO STRUGGLING at a much greater financial cost, something a more competant GM wouldn’t have let happen. Can anybody say “Xavier Nady”??? (only more than 3 times the expense!). Who’s Hendry’s 2012 project of the year going to be…Barry Bonds?

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