5/12 Round 1 to the Cards

The Cubs now are 6-9 vs. NL Central foes after losing the series to the Cardinals on Thursday. They did total 39 hits, but the euphoria from Wednesday’s 11-4 win was quickly dashed with Thursday’s 9-1 loss.

“We have to be more consistent,” Marlon Byrd said. “We’re not finding that yet. One out of three, especially against the Central is not going to cut it. Our consistency has to be there — hitting, pitching, defense, all around. … Once we put it all together, we’ll get a winning streak going.”

Jeff Baker, who had three hits, and now is batting .516 against lefties, agrees that the Cubs simply need to play better no matter who they’re facing.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re playing the quote, defending champs, the Giants, who we’ve got coming in now or you’re playing a team that might have set the record for most losses in baseball,” Baker said. “The bottom line is if you don’t come ready to play, you’ll get your butt whupped. A win’s a win, it doesn’t matter if it’s against a, quote, good team or a bad team. We just have to try to get more wins.”

Manager Mike Quade agrees. He’s not losing sleep over the team’s 8-12 record at Wrigley, or Casey Coleman’s inexperience.

“The frustration for me is that we’re inconsistent,” Quade said.

The Cardinals leave in first place in the Central.

“I’m real glad we’re four, five back 35, 40 games in and not 10 back,” Quade said. “Yeah, we have some things to work out but I’d like to think in the next week or two, we’ll get some of those things worked out and get people healthy and be a better ballclub.”

— Carrie Muskat

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The Sugar coating continues. Does Quade not kow how many games back the Cubs are? Is it 4 or 5 games? Are we 35 or 40 games into the season? These “ballpark” numbers do not conceal the fact the Cubs, despite what the ACE of the team Dempster says…DO NOT MATCH UP WITH ANYBODY, only the bottom feeders, ON A GOOD DAY. When will Quade treat Pena as fairly as he treats Colvin, both players average suck, yet only Colvin gets benched in favor of the better hitting Fukodome. Why not bench Pena in favor of the better hitting Baker? Why isn’t Pena and Baker platooning at 1B at the very least? Why isn’t Soriano platooning with Colvin so at least some balls are caught in LF and some singles are not turned into triples….Like we don’t know the answer. The answer is: QUANDRY.

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