5/13 Extra bases

The only thing certain about Cubs manager Mike Quade is that nothing is certain. Quade was discussing the lineup and said: “At this point, I think you guys should realize I’ll do anything. We don’t have a set lineup. We have a set cleanup hitter and that’s it.”

The only player who hasn’t budged is third baseman Aramis Ramirez, who has batted fourth. Quade says he’s even thinking about moving him. “I still think that given the guys in front of him who have been getting on base, he’s in the right spot to drive in runs,” he said. “If you move him, who slides into the four-hole to give you consistent RBI at-bats?”

Ramirez is 9-for-37 (.243) with runners in scoring position, and 0-for-13 with RISP with two outs.

* Randy Wells threw two innings in an extended Spring Training game on Thursday in Mesa, Ariz., and the next step will be a Minor League rehab start next Tuesday with Class A Peoria. Wells has been sidelined with a strained right forearm since April 5.
Andrew Cashner, on the disabled list since April 6 with a strained right rotator cuff, threw two innings in live batting practice in Mesa. He was to throw on the side Friday and then the team would determine the next step in his rehab.

* Blake DeWitt was in the outfield on Thursday for the first time in his career, subbing in left. The infielder has been working out on his own for the last two weeks and Quade suggested outfield coach Bobby Dernier work with DeWitt as well. “He wants in, so why not?” Quade said.

* Congratulations to Minor Leaguer Matt Szczur, who is taking an indefinite leave from Class A Peoria so he can take part in graduation ceremonies at Villanova.

* Saturday will be a rare night game at Wrigley Field. The last Saturday night game was Aug. 31, 2002, in the nightcap of a doubleheader against St. Louis (a 10-4 Cubs loss). The contest was the re-schedule of a June 22 game that was postponed because of the death of Cardinls pitcher Darryl Kile.

The last regularly scheduled Saturday night game at Wrigley Field was June 20, 1998, against the Phillies. Kerry Wood started that game, and got the win and hit his first home run. The Cubs have a clause in their contract that allows them to have Saturday night games if they are part of a national television broadcast.

— Carrie Muskat


He wants in so why not? OMG. That’s all it takes? Great management there as if DeWitt will sub for Soriano when Johnson, Baker and Colvin can’t even get one start a week in LF. What if DeWitt wanted in at 1B where you have .215 hitter?

good grief…. hey Quade I want in!!! haha typical Cubs BS!!! so sick of this loyalty crap…. lets win some games… makes some MOVES!!! if we want to win we need to be on the phone trying to make this team freaking better

im sorry but I got to say this… do you think the SB winning GB Packers would get some scrub some playing time just because HE WANTS IN?? NO!! They would put him in his place and if he didn’t like it then they would cut his BUTT… I am just so ticked off by this!!

Really petrey10? Ya can’t tell by your comment. 🙂

To be honest I don’t have an issue with this.

We have a player who is taking extra practice and we are criticizing him / the manager?

Colvin is not getting enough at-bats to play himself out of his slump – he needs to go down and bring up Montanez for some pop off the bench.

If DeWitt can be proficient as a late-innings sub in the outfield why not? He is hitting for good average at the moment and the more flexibility we have the better.

Few if any of us believe that this team is going anywhere except downhill in 2011, but at least most of them seem to be working hard to play above themselves.

When DeWitt came in on Thursday, the game was already lost.

DeWitt, a career infielder with an average (at best defensive resume) with an occassional “practice session” WHILE ON A MAJOR LEAGUE ROSTER is not a well thought out plan on turning him into a PROFICIENT late inning outfielder especially when the entire ogranization holds better candidates for THAT ROLE. They want a late inning outfielder they have Johnson for that. If they want to get DeWitt more ABs because he “happens to be hitting” they should find at least an INFIELD position lacking offensive production (duh….1B anybody?) to get him some occassional starts. But the outfield? Yea, I think any criticism Quandry gets for that is well deserved. So far Quandry is doing MUCH BETTER than Pinella, but at the same time he is showing signs of towing the line for Hendry and not rocking the boat too much otherwise we would have seen Johnson more in RF ater the 7th inning adding his defense and his better than Soriano hitting prowess. The occassional solo homerun from Soriano is getting less and less valuble and it no longer offsets his defensive blunders enough to justify keeping him in the game beyond the 7th inning. Johnson will put the ball in play way more often than Soriano and that’s what we can use more of. DEWITT in RF???? Puhlease.

I meant LF!!!

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