5/15 Rain, rain, go away

The Cubs players aren’t blaming the weather for Saturday’s 3-0 rain-shortened loss to the Giants. Hitters from both teams had trouble seeing the ball because the rain was blowing in their faces from the north. The Cubs now have had 12 games under 50 degrees out of their first 22 home games.

Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija recalled a game last year in New Orleans when he had to battle the precip. Thomas Diamond started the game and went four innings. Samardzija entered in the fifth.

“It just opened up, a monsoon,” Samardzija said. “[Saturday] was weird — it was misty and circling. Down [in New Orleans], it was pouring. I gave up seven runs in an inning and we ended up losing 7-0. I learned from it. You can’t try and throw as hard as you normally do, you have to try to throw strikes and realize it’s as hard for the hitters as it is for you.”

It’s hard to get a grip on the ball.

“Everything’s wet,” Samardzija said. “The umpire’s ball carrier is wet. Your glove is wet. You can’t try to throw too hard. You just have to battle.”

So, which was worse — a monsoon in New Orleans or the rain, wind and cold in Chicago?

“This was worse,” Samardzija said of Saturday’s game. “New Orlens was at least 90 degrees. This was raining the whole time and it accumulates and accumulates.”

— Carrie Muskat

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