5/16 Cubs lineup

Starlin Castro is batting third Monday for the Cubs’ series opener against the Reds. In 10 games in the three hole, Castro is 8-for-41 (.195), while he’s 29-for-68 (.426) in 15 games in the leadoff spot, and 11-for-43 (.256) in 10 games batting second. Carlos Zambrano was probably happy about the rain delay which pushed his Sunday start to Monday. He’s won five consecutive starts at Great American Ball Park with a 5-0 record and 0.75 ERA since July 29, 2007. The Reds are countering with right-hander Homer Bailey. Here’s the lineup:

RF Fukudome

2B Barney

SS Castro

3B Ramirez

LF Soriano

CF Byrd

1B Pena

C Hill

P Zambrano

— Carrie Muskat


why would bat castro 3rd if he bating 195 when he is hitting 426 in the lead off spot

We have to stop trying to figure Quandry out, he’s the same man that thinks Hill is the better catching option over Castillo. Hill has proven himself a weak hitter at best let’s find out if Castillo can hit or not and handle a major league pitching staff. What’s the differernce? The difference is we don’t know what Castillo can do but there is nothing to lose and there is such a low bar set by Hill…why not let Castillo go 0 for 12 instead of Hill? Castillo may find a groove…Hill has no groove in his future. So batting Castro third is just a shot accross the bow boldyl stating that this team HAS NO THIRD HITTER. Give Quandry credit for that. NOW he needs to replace SorryOhNo! in left field stating this team HAS NO LEFT FIELDER. Welcome to your 2011 Jim Hendry pipe dream Chicago Cubs.

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