5/16 Team meeting

An angry Mike Quade was embarrassed by Monday’s 7-4 loss to the Reds and called a team meeting to let the Cubs know.

“You struggle, you get it, but that was embarrassing and that [stuff] has to stop,” Quade said. “It was everybody in the room for that meeting — myself, the players, the coaching staff. It’s just not going to cut it right now.”

It wasn’t just blowing a 4-0 lead, but sloppy base running, defensive gaffes and a lack of clutch hitting that prompted Quade to meet with the players.

“First-year manager, full season starting from the beginning, things don’t go right and we’re not playing up to our capabilities,” Marlon Byrd said. “Enough is enough and you can only watch it for so long. We have to start doing better, starting with myself. The veterans have to step up and it needs to start with me.”

There were enough problems to go around.

“Nothing’s [bleeping] easy up here,” Quade said. “You got a nice 4-0 lead and Z’s cruising and everything’s hunky dory — I got news for you, it aint routine until the freaking thing is over. We’ve just got to make [darn] sure we’re looking for every opportunity to add on when we get it and we’re looking for every opportunity to close things out when we get a chance. We’re not good enough to coast at all in any aspect of the game.”

— Carrie Muskat


They aren’t just not good enough to coast. This Cubs team is not good, period. Why do people still think this team can win the Central, awful as it is?

I believe only few people think this team can win the Central, those people are in the same group with Jim Hendry that meet once a week….”Hello, my name is Jim and I am a goofaholic” …”Hello Jim…”

Lets face it, the Seattle Mariners pitching staff is better than the Cubs.

Take note that Sorry-ano accepts no responsibility for the fact that he “stinks on ice”! At least Z and Byrd gave an apology and some self-analysis!! Hendry ought to be ASHAMED of the multi-million dollar BLUNDER he made in signing Sorry-ano!!! In my humble opinion, it doesn’t matter that you were leading in HRs for a short period of time if you can’t hustle and make ‘routine’ catches, or can’t run the bases, OR if you strike out almost 1/3 of your ABs!!! I say get rid of the ‘Old Man’…absorb the $$$ loss…he’s more of a hindrance to the team than a help!!

Same goes for Hendry, dump THAT old man and eat his salary as he more of an obstacle than SorryOhNo!, at least a manager with stones (God forbid Quade showed his!) has the option of sitting SorryOhNo!, there is no such option for Hendry. He is here to stay until the Ricketts wake up from there dream state.

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