5/17 Bad news for Cashner

Andrew Cashner, on the disabled list with a strained right rotator cuff, suffered a setback as an MRI showed he re-aggravated the shoulder injury. Cashner underwent the MRI on Tuesday in Chicago after feeling some discomfort in his shoulder when he was getting ready to pitch in an extended Spring Training game in Mesa, Ariz., on Monday. He made one start this year on April 5, and then went on the disabled list. He’s now back to square one in his rehab after reinjuring the same muscle. There’s no timetable for his return.

— Carrie Muskat


I’m sick and tired of seeing promising pitchers come up to the minors and suddenly having major arm problems. I see that Dennis Lewallyn is new to the club as the minor league pitching coordiator, so he’s probably not the problem. Is it Fleita? Where’s the accountability? Why can’s we have Greg Maddux oversee this?

Let’s face it, if this were happening in a normal business, someone would have been fired a log time ago, or at least a better hire would be in place.

I don’t think anybody can foretell of an injury and we are seeing this with Cashner, Prior, Guzman, Wells….but it probably does happen throughout baseball we just don’t hear of the other teams misfortune. I do agree however that once it becomes a pattern then style, technique and even personel should be addressed. But paramount is replacing Hendry as far as ACCOUNTABILITY.

well one prediction i can make for this year is we will see Cash go under the knife…. this is freaking ridiculous… why does every promising pitcher we bring up end up with arm troubles…. its getting old…

Macabre in fact!!! Jim Hendry or Vincent Price??? Hmmmm….actually Vincent’s cold dead body may do a better job than Hendry. This season is certainly no THRILLER!

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